In testing, the tester plays the role

In the current era of Digital information, the IT companies, Software industries and government organization and other industries have the priority of business all over the world has focused on reliability and quality delivered software. Nowadays most of the software are web-based and very difficult to test. In Software Development Life Cycle software testing plays a significant role. This phase is used to access a software, to discover errors and to check whether it is meeting the requirements or not, to check the difference between expected and actual results by a tester manually or by using an automation tool and also reduce them, cut maintenance and overall software cost ensuring the quality of the software.

In manual testing, the tester plays the role of an end user and tries to use and explore the software to detect the faults in it and to check whether the software is properly running or not by following a test plan. But the web-based applications are getting complex day by day so manual testing becomes a laborious, time-consuming task and the result is not accurate always. Whereas Automation testing is the solution to all the issues aroused during manual testing by reducing the need for manual participations for redundant tasks.

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It takes fewer efforts and time and also finds hidden defects in the system. However due to improper use of testing framework sometime there may some problem arise. Now a day there are many web automation testing tools are available to test the software in terms of performance, functioning, security, load and stress testing, service testing of web applications. To deliver a good-quality software a proper testing framework has to be chosen taking some parameters into picture such as execution time, the efficiency of recording and playback, result reporting, browser, and platform compatibility, ease of learning and cost of various automation testing tools.

In this paper details of Selenium Framework and how to perform Automation Testing for web applications using Software Testing Tool “Selenium Webdriver” is presented. 


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