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In 1850 there was a series of acts passed that came to be the the compromise of 1850, with these acts passed the united states congress believed that it would relieve the problems between the north who were against slavery and the south who were living their lives from having so many slaves. A Lot of people have thought of what would have become of the united states if this compromise was never created.

This would be one of the great steps to making the united states such a great country and has showed how strong it has come to be. The compromise of 1850 tried to fix the problems between the north and south and how slavery would be extended. These problems were greatly added when texas joined the united nations  and slavery spread to this state in which the united states gained when they won the Mexican war. The north wanted to go through with the compromise because they thought it would terminate slavery and would rather decrease the influence of slavery in the south.but the south was not in the same mindset as the northerners they 100 percent against this compromise because they thought that they would lose power in there government and also because if california was to be annexed it would break the equal amount of 15 free states and 15 slave states.But overall this compromise was based on the idea that it would make america bigger and stronger and expand its territory and it they didn’t care what kind of territory it was. The wilmot proviso was an amendment that was involved with the mexican war.

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This bill had many fans in the north because they believed that it would eliminate slavery from the north and lower the south’s political power. The president at the time was zachary taylor he was in favor of just ignoring any political problems this idea would commit and proposed the admission of california and new mexico as new states of the united states of america. With this happening it would allow that two more slave free states would be part of the union which greatly put the southerners in a bad and unhappy situation.but this did not happen as the the president zachary taylor died while he was still president because of stomach alignment and was later replaced by the vice president of the united states millard fillmore this guy was a person that kept to himself and quiet but also showed he was 100 percent in favor of the compromiseThere was three main guys in the process of this compromise they are henry clay, daniel webster and stephen a douglas all three of them led the compromise the whole way clay was the one that gave the ideas of what compromises could be made but he got most of his ideas from stephen douglas . douglas had the brilliant idea of making this compromise into many parts and by doing this every part can be voted for. This idea helped the win of this compromise and change the united states of america. The south was led by john c calhoun he would give all the the opsitions the south had of this compromise.

Daniel webster was a key component because he gave a speech that give the compromise more acceptance when he gave this speech he showed that he supported the compromise. Overall these men were the key components to this compromise being accepted.There were many different ideas of the compromise and not just the admission of a new state to the union. One of the main topics were popular sovereignty which meant that the residents of that state had the power to decide any decisions that had anything to do with them. Many of the citizens of the united states gave the idea that the residents of new mexico and utah should decide whether they wanted to be a free state or a slave state.  Another important part was the fugitive slave act  which was brought up by henry clay this act said that slave owners had the right to take or return any slaves that had left and escaped from the southern states.

But many people believed that this act was worth nothing and could not be used because they thought that the owners would not want to pay any consequence for a runaway slave. But the biggest component to the compromise of 1850 would be that if california should be allowed into the union as a free state or a slave ste or if it she be decided by popular sovereignty. All these components were put into different votes  which helped out the compromise and have most parts of the compromise accepted and this compromise was officially signed by fillmore in 1850.Many residents in the north believed that if slavery was not able to spread it would eventually eliminate itself and just die off. So the north could justify its reasons why they should not be slave states that acquired to the statements of washington and jefferson and also the ordinance of 1787 which prohibited the the expansion of slavery into the north west slavery was already allowed in texas had entered the union as a slavery permitting state but in the other hand california new mexico and utah did not have slavery at all and when the united states had further prepared to take over these territories in 1846 there were many question of what these territories would become were they gonna become slave or free states i the union.Some radical people in the south gave out the crazy idea that any territory received from mexico should be given to slave owners one of these groups gave the idea that the missouri compromise line should be extended to the pacific with all the free states north and all the slave states to the south. Another clique of people once again thought it would be good to leave it towards popular sovereignty which meant that the government should allow the new residents to enter the states as slave owners or non slave owners or as they thought was better .

All the southerners held the opinion that every territory should have its owns sanctions towards slavery. But in the other hand the north thought that no territory had no rights to do this. In the year of 1848 almost 300000 thousand men voted for the many candidates of the free soil party they had the ideals that the best policy was to limit localize and discourage slavery in the midwest part of the united states of america and any border territories like maryland and kentucky and missouri were very divided but most of the residents favored popular sovereignty as a very pleasant compromise. When gold was discovered in california on january 1848 it led to around 8000 new residents to move to this state  california became a very big part of the compromise of 1850Henry clay was 70 at the time when he decided to present the compromise the exact date was january 29, 1850 this process lasted around eight months in the congress it was led by clay, daniel webster the senator in massachusetts  and john c calhoun and  south carolina’s senator  debated the compromise the compromise was not the first thing clay presented he instead presented he omnibus bill that covered some of the components of the compromise . calhoun on the other hand went towards a plan that demanded that the north eliminate its attempts to control slavery he did this when clay was delivering a speech.The compromise of 1850 was not just about the problems between the north and the south but the increase in territory in the united states and the big problem slavery the compromise tested the united states in many ways it tested the united states strength and showed that no matter what a goal can be completed by any person as long there is will and hope.


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