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            In 1882,Thomas Edison set up the very first central power station in New York City,allowing electricity to travel to large regions in that city.  Thomas Edison died on October 18, 1931 in hishome in West Orange, New Jersey at the old age of eighty-four.  He died of problems trying to fight withdiabetes. In his lifetime, Thomas Edison patented over 1,093 inventions for theUnited States of America.

 When ThomasAlva Edison died, he was one of the most highly respected American citizens ofall time.            In 1869,at the age of twenty-two, Edison moved to New York City, New York.  There he made his first invention, animproved stock ticker.  A stock ticker isa machine that prints stock quotes onto what is known as ticker tape.  There are ticker symbols that represent eachcompany.  The Gold and Stock Company wasastounded when they saw his invention, so they paid Edison $40,000.  Two years later, in 1871, at the age oftwenty-four, Thomas Edison opened up a laboratory in Newark, New Jersey.  Three years later, in 1874, the people at thelaboratory invented a telegraph that could send more than one message over asingle wire.

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  With the money earned fromthe telegraph, Edison started a new laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey, in1876.  In that laboratory, Thomas AlvaEdison invented the world famous light bulb in 1879.            In 1866,at the age of nineteen, Edison started working for, The Associated Press, shortly after moving to Louisville,Kentucky.

  At the age of twenty-one, itstruck Edison that he needed to take control of his future.  After taking the simple suggestion of afriend, Edison moved to Boston, Massachusetts in order to receive a job for theWestern Union Company.  That is where hepatented and designed an electric voting recorder.  However, Massachusetts lawmakers did not likethe idea of this invention.

            ThomasEdison was soon publishing a small newspaper of his own, which he named the, Grand Trunk Herald.  These newspapers later became a big hit withpassengers.  While working one day at thetrain station, Edison saved a three-year-old from being run over by atrain.  In return for saving the child,the child’s father taught Edison to operate a telegraph, an electric system thatsends messages to far off, distant places, and can only send one message forevery wire.  By the age of fifteen,Edison had a job as a telegraph operator. For the next five years, he experimented, studied telegraph technology,and became familiar with the science of electricity.Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most important inventorsin the United States.

  Thomas A. Edisonwas born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. At the age of eleven, he showed much interest for knowledge, readingmany books on various subjects.  Whilereading these many books, Edison developed an amazing sense of knowledge thatwould serve him well later in life.  Atthe age of twelve, Edison was in search of how to put the knowledge he had towork.

  As a result of asking his parentsto sell newspapers to passengers near the Grand Trunk Railroad line, Edison wassoon earning access to the news bulletin teletyped to the train station officeeach day.


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