In the symptoms in childhood, which stay for

    In conclusion, there are some similarities and differencesbetween chickenpox in childhood and adulthood such as symptoms and treatmentwhich can help people to show the differences between chickenpox in childhood andadulthood. Also, to learn how to deal with this disease in childhood andadulthood. I think it is important that people become aware of chickenpox. Also,we all know that prevention is better than cure. So, we should look after ourhealth and avoid causes of diseases as much as we can. The other difference between chickenpox in childhood andadulthood is treatment. Chickenpox in both childhood and adulthood can be treated.

In addition, there are some specific medicines for adults and another specificmedicines for kids. Such as aspirin which is much more dangerous to kids thanadults. So, parents should not give aspirin to their kids. In addition, bothadults and kids can use painkillers and antibiotics. Also, drinking a lot ofwater is a very important thing for adults and kids in order to avoid the lackof fluid in the body.

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Also, sometimes kids can have fever that can stay about 4days. On the other hand, adults can have fever that is stay more than 4 dayssometimes. It is evident that there are many treatments for chickenpox inchildhood and adulthood.

Also, there are some differences in medicines for chickenpoxin childhood and adulthood.  Symptoms are the first feature which can help people tounderstand the difference between chickenpox in childhood and adulthood. Early symptomsmay involve fever and headache. Also, chickenpox in both childhood andadulthood can cause sensitivity skin with a lot of red spots and rash in theface, neck and hands. However, the red spots and the rash in adulthood cantransfer into fluid – filled blisters which are too painful and sensitive.

In addition,the symptoms of chickenpox in adulthood stay much longer than the symptoms inchildhood, which stay for a short time. Also, symptoms of chickenpox in bothchildhood and adulthood can take from 10 to 21 days to appear. In addition, chickenpoxin childhood is much more contagious than chickenpox in adulthood, which isless contagious. Also, if a pregnant woman gets chickenpox during the first 20weeks, her baby will have a danger of having serious diseases such as smallhead size. So, it is clear from all of the above that chickenpox in adulthoodis much more dangerous than chickenpox in childhood which is less dangerous. There are many infectious diseases around us nowadays suchas chickenpox which can be dangerous to our health. Chickenpox is a verycontagious disease which can spread easily in the air by infected people whenthey sneeze or cough.  In addition, chickenpoxis caused by the herpes varicella virus.

Also, there are many symptoms of chickenpoxwhich can be too painful. For example, rash and fever. Also, chickenpox is abad disease because it stays for a long time.

However, there are many treatmentswhich can reduce some of the symptoms such as painkillers and antibiotics. The mostimportant thing which can grab our attention is there are some differencesbetween chickenpox in child hood and adulthood. Symptoms and treatment are thetwo main differences between chickenpox in childhood and adulthood which canhelp people learn how to deal with this disease in childhood and adulthood. Also,in order to raise people’s awareness.


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