In life style in different ways, from a

In conclusion,
we are facing challenging problems to preserve the culture of our nation; the treasure that our ancestors left here for us. It
should be kept safe from harm. Social
media is here to stay and an important part of our lives, it should be only be
a small part and used with discretion. Facebook
friends come and go but our country’s
culture should be kept forever for the next generations to come.

crimes happen in Laos today, stealing things in the shops, abusing women, pick
pocketing, fighting, using drugs all these come from social media too.

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today tend to use social media without knowing that it takes valuable things
from them. For example, it
takes a way our ethics, time, love, compassion and morals. If
we focus on developing our minds rather than technology and material possessions
the world would become a better place to live.

media is changing our life style in different ways, from
a traditional life style to modern. The way we interact with one another, the way people speak,
dress, eat and greet is changing. Social media means we can get information quickly but does it
really connect us and help us live our lives easier and happier? How long will
the wonderful feeling we get when we are using social media last? You
may smile on the phone while chatting with your friends, seeing something funny
in social media, but when it finishes your feeling
changes. Why is that?

and women cannot stay or sleep together unless they are married. People will get married when they are
mature. Their
morals are very well preserved
and the form of entertainment is very unique. This was how a man and woman get married.
However, this is changing people
today can stay together or sleep in one bed before getting married. Moreover, they get married too soon. This is Lao today. All this because of the influences of
social media. They
imitate what they have seen in the internet. The
more we use social media the
more morals are vanishing.

today, it is changing. In
house or in the street women will wear a skirt or pants. They are not so polite and gentle like
people in the past. They
like to fight in the clubs and streets when they drunk. Men today don’t
show great respect to woman as much as they did in the past and don’t
give them honor. The
women fight each other to get a boyfriend and men too, fight each other for a
girlfriend. Other people see and record these things on a video
and post it on social media. Later,
it becomes a problem in society because they have set a bad example for younger
generations. Furthermore, it can lead to verbal opposition or cybercrime. This
is the result of using social media without considering it.

wear a Sinh also known as a Lao skirt and cover their bodies when they enter
the holy place, walk in the street and even when they stay at home. They are very polite and gentle. This was how women behave in Laos society. Men respected and honored women’s
rights; this was men in the past years.

used to behave well to elderly people and help them, today they increasingly
do not. All of these problems come from using social media and it is
gradually changing people’s
behavior. They go to You Tube or Facebook and see how other people dress, eat,
talk and behave in different way from their own culture. The
more frequently they visit websites or social media the longer the visual,
sound and action stay with them. They
interact with people in real life as they have seen in the media. Eventually,
the culture of Laos is dominated by other cultures. The
value of Lao culture will be diminished little by little by social media. It
is easy to take such behavior via images sounds and actions on You Tube and Facebook and perform them in daily life.

we met a friend or elderly people we greeted them with two hands joined
together on the chest and bow our head a little bit and speak gently with them. This was Lao back to years ago.
Nowadays if you go to a party, you will see how people greet each other, they will shake hands instead of joining hands
together and bowing their heads.
Some young people don’t even know how to sing and
dance in Lao traditional style. Because
they have got used to seeing people sing, dance and greet each other this
way in social media, it has slowly changed the cultural norm.

have a country, language and culture of our own. This is Laos. The way of life is very simple, modest,
kind, generous, loving peace, loving harmony, loving neighbors, loving justice,
the youths showing great respect to the elderly people and offering them a help
when necessary this was Lao many generations ago. Today
people are changing they run
behind technology. Furthermore,
they think social media is the most important part of their lives. The use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and
many other forms of social media causes people to change
from modest to rude, from kind to selfish, from generous to egotistic, from
love peace, harmony and justice they create conflict.

we use social media do we ever think about other human beings, whether they are
happy or not. Using
social media can make us become selfish and live our life in the world without
human contact.

two people in a room. One
is on the phone chatting and
smiling while the other person is quiet watching him or her laughing. Is
this connection?  While we use the phone we forget the people around us. We
don’t care about them, we care
about the phone instead. We have Facebook, Twitter
and WhatsApp, but we lose something. When we use social media we do not notice people. We ignore others while we are laughing at
funny videos, posting of a friend post on Facebook and happy chatting with

media disconnects us and allows us to create a personal world. People
no longer live with us. Cyberspace
is their world. They
don’t enjoy socializing with the other people. They get angry easily, the
opportunity to commit suicide is high. When
people get addicted it is not
easy to stop using it and have
less time doing things in the real world.  

 Today, we hardly use a man to send a letter. We are more convinced that it is easier
and faster just to write and post our thoughts on social media. As a
consequence, we tend to forget the postman whose job is less valued now.

example, you have a friend that lives far away from you. One day, you think of him and want to
know how she or he is, so you just go and meet him at his or her house. Your friend will be so happy to see you
standing in front of them in person with a nice smile. You can imagine, five years more or less
you have not seen each other and one day you meet how happy you both will be. Alternatively, you can sit on a chair
with a pen and paper in your hand and write a letter to him or her then give it
to somebody who is heading to your friend’s
village. This
was how we used to interact in Laos many years ago.

media itself does not change society but
the person who uses it changes. We become moody, happy and sad when
we see posts on social media. Does social media change our feelings or
do our feelings change because of using it? We, human beings considered as
social animals try to create everything to provide convenience in life, we
generate things because we think it is good to have them. Yet
are they good to have?

media helps people get in contact easily and express their feeling through
social media. It helps us getting to know people more and more.
Unfortunately, there are downsides too to social networking.

positive aspect of social media is that it can make people smile. I am quite sure of the fact that social media can make you
smile and laugh while you are watching Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Three
Stooges and when you are chatting with your friends or see funny images of your friends post on
Facebook. When
we smile our health is enhanced. 

Social media is also a good tool to promote Laos culture. People
are able to take photographs of activities that relate to culture and post them
on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp to let the world know that Laos is a country
with a colorful life style.

Social media gives us a bank of knowledge and information that
is accessible. Many years ago, if people wanted to search for some
things the library was the best place to go, but with the great help of
social media this is not a problem anymore. We
don’t have to spend hours in the library reading books looking for the answer to just for one
question. Now,
you just sit in front of your
computer and type your question down and search, information will come very fast. It saves a lot of
time. It
is a great source of information for students and teachers. In
the past students would go to a teacher’s
house when they had questions. Whereas,
in the present day students do not.

The internet and social media provide people with
a range of benefits, and opportunities to empower themselves in a variety of
ways. It helps people to explore the world and enlarge their horizons. Education
is gradually widening, people can sit at home and learn about a variety of
cultures. It is the easiest and fastest way to learn something in today’s
world thanks to the internet and social media.

The term ‘social’ is defined as activities in which people meet each other
for pleasure. As for ‘media’ the term is defined as the
main way that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment. If we connect these two words, we will
have a different definition; people
meet each other for pleasure and also receive information and entertainment. Social
media sites include: Facebook, Twitter,
WhatsApp, You Tube and many more.

is indisputable that social media influences
Laos culture, language, economic and daily life. This essay will
center on the impact of social media on Lao culture. Things
that are created by humans always have positive and negative consequences.

media plays a significant role in Lao society. However,
it is difficult to know when social media became such a powerful force.


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