In Islamic perspective, euthanasia is a murder as

In Islamic perspective, euthanasia is a murder as it is Islam
belief that the spirit in everyone body does not belong that person. It is an
obligation for a Muslim to preserve and keep that trust and spirit. Most of the
Muslim scholars believe that active euthanasia is unacceptable in Islam and can
be considered as sin. Al-Kardawai in 1992 has stated that   even though the drive behind such an action
is mercy and alleviating the suffering of the patient, it does not remove this
action from being considered murder since the physician is not more merciful
for that patient than Allah who created him/her. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said
that he who kills himself with a thing will be punished on the Resurrection Day
therewith (Karim, 1979). From the saying of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), it appears
that the sin of suicide is not less than that of murder. The one who commits
suicide will permanently reside in Hell, as though he/she killed a soul,
whatever the reason or intent for his/her action was.


There is an important thing that needs to be discussed in
this article. It is regarding the consequences and need for withdrawing and
withholding treatments. Generally, this topic used to cause a debating between religious
and ethical dilemmas for Muslim health care providers, patients, and patients’
families. Basically, there are two opinions regarding these issues. First
opinion, it stated that it is forbidden to withdrawing treatment for critically
ill patient whom is in the end of life care. It is because they believe that
every people must seek treatment when they are sick.  One of the basic believes in Islam is that
healing and cure from illness come from God so that they need to search out for
medical treatment. Based on this, some Muslim religious scholars concluded that
seeking End of Life treatment is a must or an obligation and they consider
Prophet Mohammad’s words as an order for Muslims to seek treatment. Therefore;
they consider that withdrawing and withholding treatment is not allowed. 

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