In He also learned the art of survival.

In a small village in the foot of a mountain, lived a rich merchant. He had a lot employees. People in the village often come to him to ask for advice to solve their daily problems. Ironically, he wasn’t able to raise his son right. His son was stubborn and lazy. He likes to party and and spend his money to gamble. As time goes on, the merchant started to worry about his son’s future. He does not want to only pass down his wealth, but he also wanted to pass down wisdom, knowledge, and good character. So, he kept on warning his son about the dangers that may follow his bad behavior. However, his son kept ignoring his father and refused to change.As the years passed, the merchant grew old and weary. He realized that his advices were not going to change his son. After giving it a deep thought, the merchant devised a plan. One day, the merchant called on his beloved son and said, “Son, in my younger years, I once hid a portion of my treasures in a place far away from here. I need you to find it. It is located near the Kapuas river, under a banana tree. If you find it, the treasure will be yours. I will wait for you here.” The son was very excited when he heard this. He had planned on spending this money to gamble. He quickly packed his bags and headed out to find this treasure.Along the way, the son gained a lot of experience. He met with kind-hearted people who were kind enough to provide him with food and shelter. But he also met with people who tricked and robbed him of his supplies. He worked temporarily to buy the supplies he needed and continue his journey. From this experience, he learned the value of hard-work. Other than that, he also learned to spend his money wisely after realizing how hard it is to earn money. He also learned the art of survival. He learned to build his own shelter, hunt for food, and protect himself from wild beasts.. After a year of travelling, he finally reached his destination. He started to search around the area but he could not find anything. After a couple days, he gave up and headed back home. He was disappointed at his father for lying to him. After another year of travelling, he finally arrived back home. He went to his father’s house. “Father, I have searched for three days but I could not find the treasure? Could you have possibly lied to me?” When the merchant heard about his, he smiles and said, “You are right. The treasure was never there to begin with.” The son felt betrayed by his father’s words. He was disappointed. “Then why did you tell me to go look for a treasure if it wasn’t even there to begin with! I came across robbers, thieves, and wild beasts just so I could find this treasure. What was your purpose?” he replied. The merchant then said, “It is true that I lied to you about the treasure, but I believe you have found the most important treasure in life. It is to experience and grow with it.” As soon as he heard this, the son remembered all the things he had learned along the journey. Since then, he was committed to change.


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