In border controls, or schooling, as a practice

In William Walters, Deportation, ‘Expulsion, and the International Police of Alien’s’, he considered the contemporary order of citizenship—as populace that is divided and distributed between territories and sovereigns, and in which rights be contingent mostly on national membership within territorial polities, then he sum ups that this process is impossible to reproduce itself naturally, it’s a matter of how states regulated the modern notion of citizenship.  He endures the argument by highlighting we can see deportation like diplomacy, economic policy, and border controls, or schooling, as a practice that is constitutive and regulative of its subjects and objects. Furthermore, Walter gives a analysis on how customary law can have an effect on international with the description offered; within the discourse of international law the practice of deportation can be derivative from the sovereign right of states to control their territories and the discretion they have regarding the admittance, and residence of aliens’. He considers even if the citizenship has a status he still could be seen absent within the country they inhabitant in.  The preceding analysis is the state has the right to expel at will the aliens-whose presence is regarded as undesirable, is, like the right to refuse admission of aliens, considered as an attribute of the sovereignty of the State. The grounds for expulsion of an alien may be determined by each State by its own criteria1 .          The inconsistency and irregularity of human rights have been dependent on states to decide if you are a human and if you are worthy to have human rights.

 The Middle East and Africa refugee crisis is currently facing restrictive policies in which the inconsistency is stated they seek refuge stop applying international human rights and other convention relating to the status of refugees.  The Elders website has put an article about the refugee crisis and states; that Europe is currently facing a crisis of conscience. The author has meant that the European Union is debating on a discourse to dehumanize people arriving in Europe and leave their sake in danger.  The European politicians have utilized the language of human rights and have argued that the more illegal entry the more threats our country well face2.

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