In cell, glass etc. Sukhendu Jana et

In DLN, two microstructures (hydrogenated carbon andoxygenated Silicon) are interpenetrating two each other and thus internalstress is decreased and adhesion property is increased and hence this compositehas improved adhesion to almost all kind of substrate. Ithas immense application in the filed of biomedical implants. This can be usedas biomedical sensors as well. DLC coatings can be used as protective wear resistantcoating in joint prostheses.

2 already deposited DLN coatings byPECVD method over various substrate like SS 316 L, glass, Si(100), ceramic(Al2O3)ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), Co–Cr alloy, Ti6Al4V alloy,etc. Most of these materials have been in use asload-bearing orthopedic implants, like hip joint, knee joint, etc 72. As its coefficient of friction is very less, DLNfilms can be used as wear resistant coating. As it is anticorrosive, thiscomposite can be used as anti-corossive coating on wrist watches , brass madeshow pieces etc to enhance their longibity. Mechanicalproperties of DLN material along with the low refractive index and highertransparency compared with other thin film material makes DLN an attractiveoption for choosing DLN as a protective coating 50. In DLN, thehighest physical limits of mechanical, electronic and “sensor” properties canbe combined and thus smart future material can be constructed 1. T.

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S. Santraet al reported DLN films have their unique number of structural, mechanical andtribological properties which are quite similar with MEMS material. Due tothese unique properties of DLN films, these are highly applicable in MEMS/NEMSdevices.

The high mechanical properties of DLN films make it applicable fordesign of high frequency resonator and comb deriver for sensing and actuatingapplications. DLN film is a biocompatible material  So, we can use DLN films for detection ofbio-molecules in biological research and disease diagnosis 17.  Due to its infrared transparency, this can beused as anti-reflective coating on solar cell, glass etc.

Sukhendu Jana et al 73 reported diamond-like nanocomposite film behaves as a dielectric medium. DLNthin film based MIM capacitor is applicable for high capacitance and highfrequency operation. Thus DLN thin film basedMIM capacitor has great potential for use in electrical/ electronic circuit. It has already been reported that DLC are used for opticalwave guiding sensing systems 74, transistors 75 and high tempeaturesensing upto 600 0C 76. As DLN is a improved version of DLC, So,there is a possibility to use DLN for the same purpose. Diamond film  grown on p-Si substrates using MWPECVDtechnique 77-79 may be used as  antennafor harsh environment in aviation  application.


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