In between leisure activities and the social status

In another literature review, it examines therelationship between leisure activities and the social status of the elderlybased on the Dutch population (Toepoel,2012). The close relationships have been analysed to identify whichpeople could serve as successful stimulators of leisure participation. Thesocial profile confirms that older people have fewer social contacts and oftenfeel lonely.

This study also shows that leisure activities plays an importantpart of the older people’s social connectedness. Some of the activities whichare successful indicators of social connectedness include voluntary work,cultural activities, holiday, sports, reading books, hobbies and shopping. Onthe other hand, activities such as watching TV, listening to the radio, andspending time behind the computer are considered passive activities that werenot associated with social connectedness. The friends of the elderly also helpin the social connectedness when they participate together in leisureactivities. The partners, siblings and children all play a role inparticipation such as cultural activities, sports, voluntary work and holidays.The local communities can also use these close relationships and developspecial programs (Toepoel, 2012).One of the example in Singapore is Ms Florence Tan,who is an elderly widow living alone.

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She is staying in a one room rented flat,she has some personal savings and no one to communicate with. She hired a caregiver Lina to take care of her. For the past six years, Lina took care of herand trained her to read Chinese newspapers, calculate her daily expenses andmaster the game “Pictureka” with her friends at the elderly activity centre.These are some of the secrets to keep Ms Tan’s brain young and reduce chancesof memory loss (Chow,2014).There is a growing population of elderly people livingin social isolation and struggling with serious illnesses. However, many ofthem choose to die at home rather than receiving health care services atnursing homes. As these elderly do not want to be put in the nursing home, themedical care and services are not able to reach out to these elderly (Neo, 2016).


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