Goal: through planned actions. An analysis of various


A major factor that the regional tourism organisation will emphasise for long range purpose, such as regional image development, increase in market share, and new product development. Goals are not usually quantified or limited to a specific time period.


A measurable goal that is made specific with respect to magnitude, time and responsibility. It is, furthermore, judged to be attainable at some specific future date through planned actions.

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An analysis of various sources indicates that the development of a mission statement for a region will have to take into account a number of key aspects: 1. The past experiences in the region with regard to tourism must be considered, including the salient characteristics and history of the region, the regional tourism organisation, and the tourism business units. 2. The regional tourism organisation must be prepared to adapt the region’s mission in response to the characteristics of the regional tourism environment. 3. The region’s tourism resources make certain missions possible. 4.

The preferences of the region’s major tourism policies, such as regional tourism organisations, tourism business units, local government, and community organisations, must be considered. A successful mission statement will attempt to incorporate the priorities and expectations of the major publics in the region. 5. The mission must be based on the regions distinctive Competencies. A c concerted effort must be made to concentrate on the region’s strengths. Following the goal formulation process; regional strategy formulation can be undertaken in which a broad strategy is determined to reach the region’s goals.

A first step in regional strategy formulation can be to undertake an analysis of the regions current product portfolio. This portfolio analysis can assist in determining which of the region’s major tourism products should be built, maintained, harvested, or even terminated. The second major step in strategy formulation is the development of a growth strategy where use can be made of product market expansion matrix.


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