Implementation appeared to make a significant contribution to

results for lean construction practices largely depend on team learning and
knowledge created, that is, knowledge creation would play a mediating role in
lean tools’ impact on lean performance (Zhang, 2016). Lean Practices can be
applied easily in theory, but the special circumstances that characterize any
particular industry make its proper application more difficult (Demeter, 2011).

A survey carried out with 89 Brazilian companies and their supply chain suggest
that applying synergistic bundles of LSCM practices concurrently appeared to
make a significant contribution to supply chain performance (Tortorella, 2017).

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Empirical evidence from studies supports the notion that Lean Practices
partially explains high corporate performance.

of automation in Inventory management sector provides less effort, more
efficient, and reliable results compared to the manual handled system. The need
for automation in inventory management arises from the fact that manual
handling may cause human errors which may affect the warehouse utilization
(Atieh, 2015).


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