Imperialism that separate them. Imperialism is more

 Imperialismand colonialism have been around now for many centuries. They have played ahuge role in the start of the United States. Although they are very similar,there are a few key things that separate them. Imperialism is more the idea andtheory while colonialism is the practice of those theories.

Both of these haveto do with overpowering and taking over weaker countries, then exploiting themand benefiting economically. The idea of expanding is what they strived for.These have both had a big impact on our lives and how we have developed as acountry. Without the use of imperialism and colonialism the world would not be anywherenear what it is today. At the time of imperialism, “Eastern Europe was an earlysource of capital accumulation, having become wholly dependent upon Westernmanufactures by the seventeenth century”.

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Examples for imperialism are the Naziaggression during World War One or the United states’ sanctions against Cuba. Colonialismwould be things such as when Britain gained control over India. Colonialism startedwhen the Portuguese and Spanish led expeditions to the Americas, this was also knownas “the age of discovery”.       Imperialismand ColonialismImperialismis where stronger nations were seeking to take over other weaker nations.

Theywanted to be superior politically, economically, and socially. Old imperialismhappened from 1500 to 1800. This is where Europeans, whose power was limited,established colonies in the Americas. India, Asia, Africa and China.

This wastheir attempt of accumulating wealth and to trade. An example would be theBritish East India Company who was a British profit seeking company that ruledIndia through company rule. They wanted to control the Mediterranean Sea inwhich they did in 1757 after the Battle of Plassey.

They traded things such ascotton, silk, salt and tea. Meanwhile, the new imperialism era was from 1870 to1914. This is where “Japan, the U.S and industrialized parts of Europe becamemuch more aggressive in expanding into other lands”. Many focused on takingover and exploiting Asia and Africa. Colonialismis where a state imposes political, economic, cultural systems on anotherterritory. It is inevitably the practice of acquiring full or partial politicalcontrol over another country and exploiting it economically.

Colonialism wasfound after imperialism when the 13 colonies where established. A colony is aterritory tied to a sovereign state. Colonial America is the states on theeastern side of America which were founded in the 17th and 18thcenturies. The 13 colonies then declared their independence that formed theUnited States. During the era of colonialism “most of Africa spent twogenerations under colonial rule”. It is the development of the country that wentwrong for them. Although they a steadily rising country at the time of the colonialruling, overtime it became poorer and poorer.



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