America. starvation. Trying to find better place to

America. This word makes hearts of millions people around the world beats faster. This is the country that all people dreaming about and someone even trying to get into.

It has been established that the luckiest people, the once that made to the United States. Nevertheless the people who emigrated to US are not that happy after all. Not because the US does not satisfy their believes of living, but because those immigrants left behind their “world”, and were transferred into the country which made their lives living hell; not knowing language, problems with unknown culture and customs, and of course financial problems. There is an enormous number of people who ready to give up all that they have in order to escape from the country where they live.

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The whole lists of such reasons can be written in a short period of time. It can be the whole complex: war in the region, poor existence, and even religion. Desperate parents ready to risk their own lives, just to provide contented future to their children; so they will not have to fight for freedom of their country, dyeing with guns in their hands.

Millions of mankind engaged in race for survival, and the main prize in such competition is to get out of the nightmare that they all live in. Infinitesimal number of those who were able to emigrate from the country, were basically the winners of this race. They made it no matter what, sometimes even braking the law; but what can be more important than future of their offspring. Now they have not only hopes to live fully life, and enjoy its charms, but the abilities to get normal education, therefore good salaries in the future, and most important fact of all of this: they no longer will be afraid of dying from the rocket or starvation. Trying to find better place to live into, whole families have to sacrifice something in order to reach their goal.


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