If members. When members are treated in a

I ran my credit union, I would implement a program that tough young adults and
teenagers how to manage finances and budgeting. As a teenager, I don’t know
much about how to budget properly or how to manage finances. Teaching teenagers
and adults at a young age how to budget and manage their finances properly,
could help the debt rate decrease because hopefully they would be better
educated and spend their money wisely. Implementing a class tough through the
credit union could be very beneficial for members and it could be another way
that the credit union would demonstrate the philosophy of “people helping

credit union demonstrates credit union’s “people helping people” philosophy by
providing members with above and beyond service on a personal level.  They treat their members the way they want to
be treated and they make sure that their members are always happy with their service
that the receive. The staff always have smiles on their faces even if they are
having a bad Monday.

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value of having a “people helping people” philosophical foundation makes members
want to stay a member and sometimes it makes other non-members want to become
members. When members are treated in a courteous manner they have no problem
staying at that credit union and when non-members see the delightful service
that the members have, they then want to become a member.

people help other people, they do it to help others, not to get anything in
return. This is what a credit union is all about, people helping people. Unlike
a bank, a credit union is owned and solely operated by members. According to
Jamie Young, author of “How Do Banks Make Money,” another difference between a bank
and a credit union is banks make a profit for their shareholders whereas credit
unions make a profit for all their members. Credit unions serve their members
by generating a profit for the members through their rates but the cordial
thing about a credit union is the fact that they are able to give back higher
return rate on savings accounts than banks would.  Credit unions typically have lower interest
rates and lower fees (Young).


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