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I personally have grown both as a person and as a scholar in many ways throughout my 4 years in high school. As the years pass we learn new things that can help us in our upcoming high school years or just simply the future. One of my hardest years in high school was sophomore year I slacked off too much and waited last minute to do all my work and never ended up doing it. I was just in those “who cares” phase that year. English has always been a challenging course for me throughout my high school years. My mind just goes blank and can’t think when I am about to write a paper. Complaining and feeling sorry about my academic growth will not do anything for me because I had 3-4 years to get my act together. Academically I portray my school work at an average level but there come times when I go beyond what is expected in an assignment. I strongly think that my senior year has been a great experience for me to see my capability in my work ethics and that even when things seem hard I can always keep trying and eventually will get it. Personally my grades can not define the type of person I am and my abilities, they are part of the actions I choose therefore reflect on those actions.  As a person I have always been mature in general, that has not really ever been a problem. As a matter of fact I can strongly say I know what is expected and have been working harder to master the expectations required. I feel there has been a change in my years of transitioning from freshman year to junior year.The most notable part overall of my 4 years of high school that helped me the most were my teachers and counselor. They have taught and influenced by teaching me a lot of great things and helping me when I’ve needed the help. All my teachers have honestly been incredibly awesome towards me. They showed they cared and helped me want a better future. My counselor Mr. Hall is one of the staff that I will forever be thankful, he has pushed me these past.


I'm William!

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