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I worked with Bertram Kwadwo Darko, an applicant tothe Master of Public Administration program and graduate assistantship at the GrandValley State University. I first encountered him through a counseling session.Within weeks, Bertram had distinguished himself as a prospective student, whowould ask thought provoking questions and expound on his interests like I havenever seen before. Since then, I have stayed in touch with Bertram and havehelped him overcome some of his personal depression issues associated with hiselder brother. I have helped direct him toward rewarding courses andexperiences worthy of his gifts. Since I have known him well over four years,both professionally and personally, I trust this recommendation will have the weightof consideration equivalent with that length of time. I know of his strong aptitude, especially infinance and his intent to pursue the graduate program in public policy at the HarrisSchool of Public Policy. I was fascinated to hear about the programs’curriculum and its alignment with his career goals economic policy management.

Ihave had close daily experiences of Bertram’s work habits and contributionsboth in academics and in my organizations. I rank him in the top 10 percent ofintelligent students I have ever had the pleasure to know.  My organizations, Pychaid and Love as well asEosher Consult are dedicated to providing psychosocial services to the generalpublic; committed to educating the general public about psychological relatedissues as well as mobilizing resources to make donations to the variouspsychiatric hospitals. I have watched his development rather closely out ofprofessional curiosity. He has a penchant to learn of wealth transfer and theunderlying principles thereof.

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He has grown to love finding out why specificfinancial ideas work reliably in certain zones while proving disastrous whenapplied elsewhere. Bertram has been an invaluable student volunteer since hisfreshman year. In these capacities he helped in executing workshop seminarsabout mental health issues amongst the youth and mobilized contributions to bedonated to the inmates of three of the psychiatric hospitals in Ghana.  In addition to his intelligence and insight,Bertram is very compassionate and generous with his peers and superiors. He hasa strong volunteer commitment through his own non-profit organization—DelAidFoundation, which promotes volunteerism among students on campus. He isindustrious, resourceful and determined to make an impact in Africa, to changelives and organizations.

Through his leadership and commitment, his graduatingclass made a donation of items to the New Horizon Special Needs School. Hegraduated with honors in the rigorous combination of Economics and Geography. Tothe best of my knowledge, his weakness lies in his tendency to overachieve andpresent the best results in whatever he does which is however a good trait forgraduate studies and research.  I have watched Bertram grow and develop, and I knowthe tremendous focus he has upon his studies and his altruistic personality tomankind.

It is my firm belief that his maturity, initiative and passion wouldlead to success in the public policy program at the University of Chicago. Thisis a young man of seemingly unbounded potential, and any way you could assisthim in his quest will be returned many times over to us all. I recommend himwithout reservation for admission and assistantship. He will make anoutstanding addition to the Harris School of Public Policy alumni.

 Thank you for the opportunity to speak up on behalf of Bertram KwadwoDarko.


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