I to the past but we’re unsure about

I would go
with the transformationalist perspective of the globalization because I believe
there is no market or economic cause to the globalization and the outcome of
the globalization is ambiguous. The transformationalists describe the world
order is changing but uncertain about the pattern like how the drug trafficking
become more common thanks to developed technology and transportation making
thing easier to cross the national borders. This cannot be understood as the
West where the drug trafficking started benefits from this whole process. But
there exists a group of people who benefit from the global drug trading
industry resulting the outcomes to be unclear. Indeed, there exists changes in
this illegal trade compare to the past but we’re unsure about the exact
outcomes and also we remain uncertain about the specific cause.


             An example of the transformationalism I would
like to discuss is the global drug trading industry. The availability of the
drug has become wider all over the world but mostly in the Western countries. This
illegal market trade is not under any Western government or official organizations
control; however, it is in the hand of the drug trafficking organizations. The
global drug industry is neither something that does not benefit people nor
something that benefits the drug trafficking organizations. It’s because
trading is complex and it’s hard to say the outcome of trading is good or bad
according to the transformationalist view of the globalization. 

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