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I was walking home from school after being dropped off by the bus when a van drove up. Men wearing bandanas over their faces pulled me into the van, tied me up, and placed a hood over my head. They drove for a long time according, and I was taken to and locked in a barn, along with other kidnapped young boys. I asked what was going on and where were they, but the boys wouldn’t answer me. My heart was beating as fast as the hooves of a horse on a racetrack, and I felt that this could’ve been my last day and that death was near. I realised that I did not have my phone with me since they stole it during the drive. I somehow got loose from my rope and started to look for an escape.

I found a window and broke it with a chair, and the glass shattered into many scattered pieces. I urged the other boys to come with me but they were too scared to leave. I left them and I ran nonstop to the nearest town, staying off the roads in case the kidnappers were looking for me. Luckily I found a phone in the town and I immediately contacted the police.My hands were like leaves, shaking violently in the wind.

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My whole body was trembling and vibrating due to the fear and anxiety that I had. The police arrived in exactly six minutes and I explained the whole case to them. They seemed very helpful at first, but then they weren’t quite sure that I was telling the truth. I tried as much as I could to convince them, but they asked me for evidence.

Unfortunately, I did not have any proof of me except locating them in the barn where all the other boys were. Everything was rushing through my mind at that moment, and I was experiencing mixed emotions. I thought to myself that what if the kidnappers were looking for me, and if I went back, would they kill me?. I couldn’t take the risk and let the other boys die, so I promptly got into the police car and guided them to the barn. I knew for a fact that If the police were with me, nothing bad would happen to me.

The police called my family and made sure that they were aware of what was happening. As soon we reached the location, a gunshot was fired. The sound of the gunshot was a crack of fireworks and as I looked closer inside the broken window, I witnessed the bullet flying as if in slow motion like a whistle in the air. It banged into one of the boy’s head, damaging his skull. Blood steadily dripped from his head and hit the ground, creating a small pool of crimson.

“GET DOWN!” shouted one of the members of the police. I gasped, crouching down to my knee instinctively. Beads of cold sweat began rolling down my neck like melted ice cream. The police rapidly took out their guns and started shooting the kidnappers. I instantly ran inside and untied the other boys allowing them to escape out of the window and into the police car. One of the kidnappers collapsed on the floor after being shot, and the other four were forced to drop their weapons. Three minutes later, the ambulance arrived carrying the boy who had been shot on a stretcher and they took him to the nearest hospital for treatment. The other four kidnappers were arrested and sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

The rest of the boys and I were dropped back to our houses and I soon found out that the boy in the hospital survived but he was mentally unstable and had a severe memory disorder. I kept reflecting back on my actions and realised I could have been in that boy’s position, but I was greatly thankful to be still alive. From that day onwards, my life has changed significantly and I never went back home on a bus because I kept thinking of the exact same scenario of people trying to attack me.


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