I. performance management systems. · Evaluations and


           Company ProfileFounded in 2000, XYZ is one of the fastest-growing fashion retailers inBahrain with more than 10 branches across the kingdom. We offer customers thelatest trends with the highest quality levels that meet world-class standards.Our team of creative designers delivers top-notch fashion variety to guaranteethat XYZ serves the different tastes of our diversified customer base. Our bestasset is our employees who give their best to ensure customer satisfaction anddeliver the best incomparable service.    II.

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           Statement of HR Policy onPerformance ManagementScopeof PolicyAll employees in XYZ company are affected by this policy for performancemanagement systems impact extends to everyone thus they should be aware of andunderstand the policy and its details.PolicyStatement·        XYZ aims to createa workplace where all human resources understand the influence theircontributions and works have on the company journey towards achieving itsgoals. XYZ also aims to provide all employees growth opportunities on personaland professional levels.·        Employees andmanagers along with everyone involved in the company shall take responsibilityfor sharing and assigning expectations to enable assigning of target and tocreate accurate mechanisms for measuring and performance reviews. Theperformance management system must reflect the organization goals, team goalsand employee goals. ·        Performancemanagement system shall support improving, increasing innovation levels andinfluencing positive change. ·        Employees shall beevaluated in a fair manner regardless of their race, family, wealth, gender orany factor besides performance.

Employees whom performance does not meetcompany assigned standards shall be treated with disciplinary actions thatdepend on the company HR policy and the Bahraini Labor Law. ·        Employees must beevaluated using appropriate criteria and evaluation mechanisms which isreasonable and achievable. Employees filling the same job must be evaluatedusing the same mechanism and criteria.·        Performance managementshall not be the responsibility of a singular party, but rather aresponsibility for everyone involved in the company regardless of rank, grade,salary or etc. It is the responsibility of the HR department to maintain,review and supervise performance management systems.

·        Evaluations andreviews must be objective and based on measures which were agreed upon beforethe start of the evaluations and review to ensure fair practice. III.           The Performance ManagementSystemPerformance management is aprocess that enables effectively managing employees to achieve the goals of thecompany and reach high levels of performance. It creates a common understandingbetween everyone in the company about should be achieved and how leading anddevelopment of human capital contribute to achieving company performance goals.It also shows where the company seeks to head and it allows employees to seehow they contribute in achieving company goals.

Performance Management includes 3elements; performance improvement, development and managing behavior howeverthese may vary depending on the needs of the company. The performancemanagement framework allows employees and managers to understand what isexpected from them, allows employees to contribute in establishing expectationsthrough setting objectives and it helps employees deliver as they are expectedthrough the clarity it provides across the organization. The performancemanagement system also grants employees support to achieve their goals and meettheir own expectations with the assistance of the continuous feedback anddevelopment. Moreover, developing aperformance management system is a process that needs a lot of time,understanding and dedication of resources, thus, for the performance managementsystem to be effective, management support is vital. The management will alsohelp ensure that the outcomes of performance management system are acted uponto promise best performance and to make sure that good performance is rewardedand bad performance is worked on and eliminated.Regardless of the main purpose ofthe performance management system, not communicating the purpose of it and itsprocess can make the performance management system doomed to failure. Anotherfactor that can affect the success of a performance management system is notperforming regular and continuous updates and reviews; the performancemanagement system must be updates and reviewed to ensure alignment with thecompany strategic direction and employees goals. Phases ofPerformance Management Performancemanagement has 3 different stages, they are as follows:·        Planning: in this stage, the managers and theiremployees establish the main objectives of work, analyze competencies, createthe individual development plan and develop a framework for how to accomplishperformance objectives and personal development.

·        Monitoring and Coaching: In this phase managers monitorthe progress against the work objectives assigned and perform activities whichwere designed to help in professional development. This step is the mostimportant one in the creation of an effective performance management system. Itis an ongoing process where employees are continuously supported to help themachieve their goals and the company goals. Employees are also given feedback tohelp them; some company may need monitoring and coaching sessions on a biannualbasis while other companies integrate it in their day-to-day activities andinteractions with subordinates.

·         Evaluation: In this stage managers evaluate theperformance and its results against assigned objective, personal developmentplans along with competencies.  Beforeperforming performance management and initiating the process of managingperformance; gap analysis can help in identifying and analyzing the currentsituation and the gap between it and the desired status which the company aimsto achieve. The gap analysis shall guide by identifying areas of importance andwhere improvement is needed to achieve the company performance objectives. Thefollowing is a simple Gap Analysis matrix.  Strategic Objective Current Position Deficiencies Gap Action Plan   Achieve sales target of BHD 100,000 by the end of the year.

    Achieved BHD 45,000 in sales by mid year Sales team lacks qualifications and lack of social media presence and customer exposure Gap of BHD 65,000 in sales to be met by end of year Train and develop sales team. ·         Increase focus on social media. ·         Create marketing campaign.                 PerformanceManagement System  Thefollowing is a performance management system, the first section aims towardsidentifying and evaluating competencies that employee has, the second sectionfocuses on the development and evaluation of objectives, while the thirdsection focuses on creating an individual or personal development plan. Identificationof Employee Name: _______________________________________________________________________Job Title:____________________________________________________________________Department:_________________________________________________________________ManagerName: ______________________________________________________________Date ofReview Period Start: _______________________________________________________Date ofReview Period End: ________________________________________________________ PerformancePlan Review I agree thatI read and reviewed the competencies and performance objective and individualdevelopment plans highlighted in this form.

 Signature ofEmployee: ___________________________________________________________Date: ________________________________________________________________________ I agree thatthe competencies and performance objective along with individual developmentplans will be used as the base for employee performance review Signature ofManager: ____________________________________________________________Date: ________________________________________________________________________ Summary ofPerformance Review  Overall Evaluation of Performance:   Excellent (   ) Good (   ) Satisfactory (   ) Poor (   ) Unsatisfactory (   ) Comments:    ·        Employee Certification  I certifythat I read and understood the review of performance. EmployeeSignature: ___________________________________________________________________ ·        Manager Certification  I certifythat this review describes the performance of the employee in a fair manner.ManagerSignature: ___________________________________________________________________  FirstSection: Competencies To ensuresuccessful completion of the job, competencies like skills, knowledge,attributes and others are required.RatingsExcellent – Consistently exceeds expectations.Good – Employeeconsistently meets and occasionally exceeds expectations.Satisfactory – Employee consistently meets expectations.Poor – Employee fails to achieve expectations occasionally.Unsatisfactory – Employee fails to achieve expectationsfrequently.

  Competencies which are required for the job:   Effective Communication: Employee is able to communicate clearly and effectively and demonstrate effective communication skills. ·         Effective listening skills ·         Effective Informing ·         Effective Written and Oral Communication     (    ) (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )     Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent   Comments:     Collaboration: Employee is able to build effective relationship with stakeholders and achieve objectives and behaves respectfully and professionally. ·         Effective building of relationships ·         Share and respects ideas ·         Respects other     (    ) (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )     Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent   Comments:     Teamwork: Employee is able to effectively work in a team and contribute with team members to achieve goals. Employee is cooperative and involving. ·         Effectively contributes and achieves goals ·         Effectively  and responsibly work with team members ·         Support team members     (    ) (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )     Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent   Comments:     Planning and Organization: Employee is able to effectively organize jobs, prioritize, utilize resources and identify necessary actions to achieve goals ·         Organization skills put at work ·         Prioritizing ·         Effective planning and meeting goal and timeframes     (    ) (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )     Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent   Comments:           Supporting Competencies for Employee Filling the Job         This section shall include other competencies which are not mandatory for the success of the job which are considered optional.       (    ) (    ) (    ) (    ) (    )     Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent        SecondSection: Employee Objectives  OutliningObjectives Guidelines:·        Objectives must be clearly stated.

·        All objective must be SMART.  Objective Example: Increase in employee sales figures by 20% by the end of next year   Evaluation Example: only 10% increase in sales figures was recorded by the end of the year   Exceeded Objective   (    ) Achieved Objective   (    ) Partially Achieved Objective (  X  ) Didn’t Achieve Objective (    ) Objective:   Evaluation:                                                                                      Exceeded Objective   (    ) Achieved Objective   (    ) Partially Achieved Objective (  X  ) Didn’t Achieve Objective (    ) Objective:   Evaluation:   Exceeded Objective   (    ) Achieved Objective   (    ) Partially Achieved Objective (    ) Didn’t Achieve Objective (    )    ThirdSection: Plan for Individual Development  Competency/Area that Needs Developing Activities for Development Target Date Completion Date Comments Communication 1.       Attend “Effective Communication” Workshop 20/3/2018     2.       Complete online training of “Effective Communication” 25/3/2018       1.               2.                 1.               2.

                 1.               2.                 Employee Goal #1 Description:   Key Activities Measurements Needed Resources Time Frame Mid-Year Review           Employee Goal #2 Description:   Key Activities Measurements Needed Resources Time Frame Mid-Year Review            Performance Review: Goal Rating Comments Goal #1 (  ) Unsatisfactory (  ) Poor (  ) Satisfactory (  ) Good (  ) Excellent   Goal #2 (  ) Unsatisfactory (  ) Poor (  ) Satisfactory (  ) Good (  ) Excellent     Performance: Overall Rating Performance Rating Summary: (  ) Unsatisfactory (  ) Poor (  ) Satisfactory (  ) Good (  ) Excellent   EmployeeSignature ____________________ Start Date: ______________ Review Date: ____________ ManagerSignature _____________________ Start Date: ______________ Review Date: ____________    


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