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I agree that violent video games make people more violent in real life. Everyday teenagers and young adults are becoming very aggressive.

In the morning at 11:19, Dylan Klebold,  17 years old, and Eric Harris, 18 years old, both were carrying guns  and  used them to shoot at Columbine High School. During the shooting Dylan killed 13 people and wounded 23 others before they killed themselves. The two students were video gamers and a month earlier the students had made a video. This leads me to believe they planned on acting out a violent video game at the school. I believe this because they were acting out a video game called Dark Digital Fantasy at the school which was said in the article I referenced. Another bit of evidence from the article  is that they had been in the woods near the school, shooting at bowling pins using guns the day before. This is proof that shows they were practising and preparing so they could actually do the shooting at Columbine.

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This shooting at Columbine is one of the places that is an example where young adults have acted out violent video games. Another example is, at a movie theater where Eric and Dylan acted out another video game which occurred before the Columbine massacre. There is proof stated in the article that they made another video about how they were going to act out another violent video game.  The Columbine and theater shootings both show how Dylan and Eric were acting out different video games. After reading about these shootings, I read that scientists are finding whether or not there is evidence that shows how violence is connected to violent video games.

Firstly, scientists found evidence that playing violent video games  can cause stir hostile urges and mildly serious behavior in the short term.  They believe violent  video games causes kids to veer towards aggressive behavior. Youngsters become aggressive when they always play very high levels of violent video games. Youngsters who develop a gaming habit become slightly more aggressive as measured by clashes with peers for instance a period of over a year or two.

 Lab experiments confirm what any gamer knows in his gut: playing games like “call of Duty,” “Killzone 3” or “Battlefield 3” stirs the blood. In one recent study, Christopher Barlett, a psychologist at Iowa State University, led a research team that had 47 undergraduates play “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance” for 15 minutes. Afterward, this team studied both the physical and psychological effect of the 47 undergraduates’ brains.Secondly, In the past 2 decades, experimental studies have found a positive association between violent video game play and aggression. There is less evidence, however, to support a long-term relation between these behaviors.

This study examined sustained violent video game play and adolescent aggressive behavior across the high school years the connection with how the students socialize with each other. Lastly, violent video games are in fact the cause of aggressive behaviors over time. After reading the article it said, ”many adolescents play video games for several hours every day, underscore the need for a greater understanding of the long-term relation between violent video games and aggression, as well as the specific game characteristics.”. The Columbine shooting in the article that I read, I think he could have gotten help if he had told anybody he was  stressed especially his mom after reading the following in the article stated by his mom:  ”If I had recognized that Dylan was experiencing some real mental distress, he would not have been there,” she says.

“He would’ve gotten help. In conclusion, I believe that incredibly violent video games are responsible for shooting massacres.  The Columbine shooting, the shooting at the theater, target practicing with the bowling pins, and  the videos that Dylan and Eric made after playing video games shows me that people don’t know the difference between reality and virtuality. I recommend  that all violent video games be destroyed, all stores should stop selling the violent video games, and it should be illegal to make them.


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