I realm has strengthened my interpersonal skills and

Iam writing to express my interest in the Junior Researcher in Globalization andInternational Business position posted on the New York University Stern Schoolof Business Web site. I am completing my senior year at Marist College and willgraduate with a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a paralegal certificatein May 2018.

 Ibelieve strongly in the need for international intervention, especially intoday’s society. The work that Professor Pankaj Ghemawat delivers integrateslaw with globalization and ignites conversation for business academics. NewYork University’s Center for Globalization of Education and Management wouldprovide me with the best opportunity to broaden my interest in theinternational business field.

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This position would allow me to use my analyticaland research skills to organize and assess that data for future researchefforts. It is NUY’s reputation and persistent search to amend public policythat makes me eager to join your team. Throughoutmy undergraduate career at Marist College, I have learned many lessons throughacademia and two campus work study positions. My research assistant role at theMarist College Institute for Public Opinion introduced me to data related to politicalissues and their effect on society. During my time as a resident assistant atMarist College, I was presented with challenges that forced me to strategicallyapproach situations.

Further, my interest in international affairs heightenedduring a model United Nations trip to the United Nations Department of Peacefollowed by a briefing conducted by the Ambassador for the Latvian Mission tothe UN. These experiences have reinforced my strong interest in global affairsand business, and inspired my goal for a career in law.  Academically,I have maintained my scholarships each semester while working 20-25 hours perweek. My involvement in activities outside of the academic realm has strengthenedmy interpersonal skills and organizational skills.

As a Coxswain for the MaristCollege Women’s Crew team, I executed strategy and facilitated communicationbetween rowers, while recording data pertinent for success, without any priorexperience. I strive to learn and grow as an individual in order to contributeto the betterment of society.  Thankyou for your consideration and I look forward to the opportunity to speak withyou about my candidacy in greater detail.


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