I achieve professional goals. After complete my Bachelor’s

I want to work in a profession where work isdriven by interconnected business ideas, the spirit of analytics andinformation science. With my extensive background in Software Analysis, designand application Testing, I have become quite interested and skilled in thisarea. Today, I have a unique blend of technical and functional aptitude,quality work experience, international exposure and an interest inIT-healthcare.

I want to leverage my extensive experience and expertise to havea greater impact on the firm that I work for. A graduate course will be anideal platform to gain knowledge and develop my personality to meet thechallenges that come my way. A graduate degree in Information technology, inunison with my technical experience in Software Analysis and ApplicationTesting, will give me an inimitable competitive advantage for my careeradvancement and help me apply the apply advanced concepts, tools, andtechniques in the domain of my long interest of ?? or no need The Master ofScience program in Information Technology at the Carnegie Mellon University isthus an ideal choice where I could enhance my knowledge and skills to achieveprofessional goals.   After complete my Bachelor’s in Engineering in2010, I was enrolled in the master’s program at The University of Texas at SanAntonio. Throughout my academic program, I completed several InformationTechnology related courses, including Computer Concepts, C Programming,Computer Programming Lab, Basics of Computer Applications (SQL, XML, C++,DBMS), Bioinformatics & Computational (Medical Informatics), Management ofTechnology & Project Management. After graduating from the Master ofScience program in 2012, I got an opportunity to work as a Business Analyst atExpress Script Inc., a Fortune 500 Company, specialized in pharmacy benefitmanagement. As a Business Analyst, I acquired knowledge and skills in SoftwareDevelopment Life Cycle, Requirement Gathering, Change Control Management andTesting.

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Currently, I am working at UPMC Health Plan (Pittsburgh) as SeniorSystems Analyst for the Core Development team. My roles and responsibilitiesinclude functional requirements gathering, preparation functional and technicalspecification documents, coordinating system test activities with business,development and pre-production groups. Performing unit testing, functionaltesting, UAT testing, testing ongoing project enhancement, supporting theoperations department on various backend systems analysis and datatransformation using SQL.

 Additionally, I have developed an automationtool for loading pricing data which is used to configure several contracts forprocessing business rules.  The automation tool used in the projectsignificantly reduced the manual dependencies. I was actively involved in the productdemonstrations and presentations which gave me an opportunity to become aprocess trainer for my team.

I was also given an opportunity to lead a crucialproject on Automation of Data at the UPMC Health Plan. Being able to deliverunder pressure, meeting stringent deadlines and being a team player has furtherhelped me enhance my interpersonal and project management skills. I believe Ican bring the same energy and passion while working with my fellow students andprofessors at the Carnegie Mellon University.

   In my professional experience of about fiveyears, I have learned to identify and organizing reverent information. GraduateProgram in IT would not only be a new experience but will also challenge mycapability, by pushing me towards achievement beyond my belief, proving to bean opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects. If given the opportunity tojoin your IS program, I will be able to utilize my extensive background inEngineering with over 5 years of experience in System testing and Analytics,while learning additional skills and techniques that will be greatly beneficialfor my career advancement.  I am unique, and uniquely privileged, to have adiverse background both academically and professionally.

Apart from myacademics and experience, Flexi-Time/Online program from Heinz school from willalso help me refine my decision-making skills and develop technical perspectivein me. As a result, I am confident in my ability to complete your MS in ISProgram and become capable of solving and delivering business solutions. I sincerely hope your university would share myconfidence and give me the privilege of continuing my studies at this esteemedinstitution. 


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