I physics in my A-levels. I love solving

I chose forensic investigation because
I want to do something fascinating and perplexing and dynamic. What I like about forensic investigation is
that it brings physics and chemistry and biology together in one place like
blood splatter patterns, the identity of an
unknown suspect and examining trace materials which interests me because I
currently do chemistry and physics in my A-levels. I love solving a puzzle and
I think of forensic investigation to be like that because every crime scene is
unique with different situations every time which transforms science to be
mysterious than ordinary science. I understand a forensic investigation is a significant role in policing and
justice system without it the incarceration of criminals would not be possible.

When I was younger
in 2011 there was a TV series on TVB channel (Hong Kong) called Forensic Heroes,
which influenced me to research more about forensic investigation. It was the first time that I have experienced
anything incredibly surreal at the time on the screen
which made me enjoy the show and propelled my curiosity for forensic investigation but popular media generally cut the corners and
creates a fictional image to the viewer that catching the criminal is simple.
That is why my inquisitive mind wants to know more about the techniques and
procedures used in the real world. Just trying to get into the mind of the perpetrator
and understanding the logic of their crime such as what drove them to do this is
truly enlightening.  I am also
aware that forensic investigation involves more than lab work, there will be
crime scenes to attend which can be devastating and present forensic evidence to a courtroom will be necessary. I
always dreamt of helping law enforcement by devoting my time to find forensic evidence
to prove, a crime has been committed, corroborate a victim’s testimony and
establish the identity of persons associated with the crime.

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To improve my
understanding of the course, I have been watching an American documentary
series called Forensic Files which allowed me to understand how forensic
science can unravel violent crimes and mysterious accidents. For example, I did
not know DNA can be found as tiny as a single cell by extracting from tissue,
blood, hair or saliva. Then, it is studied in the lab to originate a distinctive
fingerprint or a repetitive pattern. When the samples of DNA match to the DNA
profiles that are stored in a database it proves they likely came from the same
person. I also saw there are new ways which may speed up profiling in the
laboratory and may even allow police to produce DNA profiles at crime scenes. Dead
bodies contain a lot of clues, for example, they can be examined for injuries signifying
violence and cause of death. The body’s decomposing state can signify the time
of death which is simple to estimate if it is between 12 to 24 hours of death.
Late than that, indirect evidence must be used such as chemical signatures or
insect colonisers.

Taking chemistry has further improved my analytical
and scientific technique skills through lab
experiments and practical reports. I took maths which enhanced my
problem-solving skills by tackling questions when the question or
solution is not recognisable. Whilst the study of physics has enriched my inquisitive mind.

I work at my family’s
takeaway where my punctuality, reliability and honesty is tested as I deal with customers that either walk in or phone to
order their meal and handle their money which expands
my communication skill. In addition, I provide the quickest route for
delivery drivers so that develops my
organisation skill and being quick is vital such as restocking ingredients,
so the chefs are ready to cook the meals instantly.

I believe that this
course will challenge my intellect and evolve my skills that I need to pursue in an
analytical or investigative career since forensic investigation covers
many different areas and I would like to keep my opportunities open.


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