I he stepped into my department. Since then,

                     I take immense pleasure in writing this
letter of recommendation in favour of Sakthivel Ravi. I have known
him for the past three years, right from the time when he stepped into my
department. Since then, his dedicated involvement in learning courses such as
Solid State Drives and Special Electrical Machines has been remarkable.
He is one sort of a person who
is capable of recognising his limitations but strives hard to yield the
maximum output to achieve his ambitions and goals in every
aspect of his
life. He is highly ambitious and diligent and
is always willing to learn something new and interesting and wants to broaden
his education in the field of EEE.

                     During his tenure, his
academic calibre and versatility inspired
me very much. He has also given equal importance to other activities, wherein
his effective participation in many technical workshops and symposiums both on campus and outside has fulfilled his thirst
for implementing his technical knowledge on real-time
and practical applications. He has a desire to acquire knowledge and a high capacity to
analyse with clarity. Being
inquisitive, he always tries to probe beneath the surface.

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an event coordinator, he
also played an important role in conducting the National level Technical
Symposium in our department, EPSILON-2k16.
His positive
attitude demonstrates his ability to quickly adapt to surroundings and situations. With
his polished
diplomatic approach and his communication skills, he has been able to maintain a
harmonized relationship with others. Apart from
studies, he actively participated in various games and brought laurels to the

                   He is perceptive, witty and likeable and
will make a valuable addition to your
university. I am very confident that he will not only continue to be a competitive,
promising, and genuine student but would also be capable of efficiently
discharging his duties for your university. Thus it is with deep conviction that
I strongly recommend Sakthivel Ravi for admission to the Master of Engineering in
Electrical Engineering at your University.



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