I has been a sincere and dedicated student

I am writing
this letter in support of Mr. Stephen Joseph Santhmayor who was a student of the
Computer Engineering branch at Don Bosco Institute of Technology. I have known
him for two years during his course and have found him to be an aspiring and
sincere student. I first met Stephen in my Theory of Computer Science course
during the fifth semester of his engineering course.

Based on my
observations, I have found him to be one of the talented and active students of
our college. He has the ability to produce impressive results in a wide variety
of areas. The best example of his intelligence is shone through his final year
project titled “Low cost real-time weather information system” for
which I was his mentor for two semesters. His project required him to create
and assess a cost effective weather monitoring unit. The proposed system
included development of sensors for rainfall measurement, wind speed and soil
moisture calculations. The system also included the development of a data-logger
and a webserver which provides live weather updates. This project required a
detailed study and understanding of embedded system technology as well as well
as middleware interfacing of embedded system senors and an ARM linux system. His
project was also awarded as the best project of the academic year as his work
clearly showed his ability to deliver a clear, concise and well thought solution
with a new perspective. Stephen has been a sincere and dedicated student which
was evident from the efforts he put into the completion of the project. He is
technically sound and confident with great communication skills.

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In addition
to his coursework, Stephen also dedicated some of his time volunteering for the
ACM student chapter. His position required him to organize and conduct
technical workshops for students on varying topics such as Web design and
computer hardware. He also showed his programming expertise when he was the
technical head for an online inter-college technical event, Teknack and was
responsible for the development of the website and event pages.


Stephen is
an outstanding individual with a strong character. Considering his overall
achievements, I have no doubt that he has the skills and determination towards
higher studies. I believe he will be a dedicated student and a competent
professional who will greatly contribute to this program and thus strongly
recommend him at your institution.



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