I Gwalior which is the northernmost city in

I belong to a small place
known as Gwalior which is the northernmost city in the Indian state of Madhya
Pradesh. My Father is now a retired bank manager. Since the beginning he encouraged
me to take up a government job in banking domain and join his league, but I was
not enthusiastic about the idea of becoming a probationary officer in a bank
and later settle down in my home town. Science and Mathematics had always been my
favorite subjects and it had always given me hope to do more and better with my
life. It was the day when one of my friends presented a project on Computers in
the science exhibition in school; Computers & Technologies became my areas of
interest from that day.

After my schooling, I got
admission in a state’s rank one college with Electronics & Communications
engineering branch which had given a real start to my quest. I studied many
subjects like Computer System & Organization, Network Analysis, Data Structures,
Computer programming and Communication Networks etc., but out of them Network Analysis
was my favorite subject. I felt very curious each time after taking lectures on
the implementations of innovative theories and standard communication protocols
to establish communication channels between different devices. I always wondered
about the possibilities of improved and efficient communication among devices and
what could be other interesting things to learn in this area. Because of my
keen interest in this subject, I got in the good list of my Communication’s
subject professor and I got the chance to do my final year project under his
supervision. I also participated in computer programming competition in our
annual technical festival where I scored 4th position and was runner up. I
finished my graduation with extensive internships in Doordarshan, India and
AirTel Pvt. Ltd., which given me real idea on how an organization works and achieve
its goals.

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To further pursue my interest,
I got enrolled in School of Electronics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya University
in the “Embedded Systems” stream in my postgraduate studies by qualifying a
national level examination known as “Graduate Aptitude Test in
Engineering” and studied subjects like Advanced Embedded Microcontroller,
Real Time Operating Systems, Linux Scripting, Networking and Digital Signal Processing.
I completed my final year industry project in mobile application development and
submitted my thesis on “Image Editing Application in Android” while working
as a project trainee in Tata Elxsi, a leading design and technology service
company in India. Working on this project had been the best learning experience
in my academic career. The objective of the project was to deliver a customized
Android application to edit different types of images. I was expected to manage
this project from strategy to delivery. The challenge was to successfully handle
large size, high quality images of different types and keep the application’s performance
optimum at all time. At that time my understanding of mobile application development,
programming in object oriented languages helped me to complete the deliverables
using Eclipse tool and data structures in language “Java” in addition to implementing
Android hardware designs, platform architecture, utilizing smart phone
application components and selecting User Interface layout types. My project was
selected as one the best project of the academic department and which was supported
by an appreciation letter from the manager from Tata Elxsi. Apart from studies,
I was involved in my college’s extracurricular activities too and organized college
level events in the cultural festival “Yuva Utsav”.

By getting selected in NEC
Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., I made a further step in my academic and
professional career. As NEC Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is the biggest vendor in
Japan since the 1980s and as a natural consequence – it’s recruiting process in
Indian offices is designed to filter candidates with the maximum potential, hence
its training has a very good reputation in the software industry. After
training, I was deployed in a project where the team was the only solution
provider to the Share Point Business Applications of NEC Japan and implemented
several crucial applications with exceptional efficiency. During this project,
I worked and lead a team which was the sole owner of major applications like
“Knowledge Management System” and “Project Management
Systems” and provided continuous supports with incoming change requests
and server maintenance. I completed many automation tasks in the project to
reduce manual effort, which provided a huge cost saving and lead the team to
receive “Customer Delight” award from our client. Additionally, I always
tried to improve my technical skills and expand my knowledge base in different technologies
and latest trends in technical industries. As a result of my consistent performance,
I received “Real Time Recognition” awards and “Spot” award by our clients in firm’s
town hall events on several occasions. After getting promoted to Senior Member Technical
Staff in two years, I was given the lead role to handle a team of 5 members and
was assigned a project to design and implement a very critical “World Clock” Android
component for NEC’s developed tablets and dual screen smart phones for company’s
delegates. I really enjoyed the challenge of working in this time sensitive and
highly critical application with my team and direct them to carry out the work
in the stipulated time line. Because of my high performance, I was chosen best
employee of the 2014 and received “Rising Star Award” from NEC India Pvt. Ltd.


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