I light to your eyes.”, I have found

I find it inspiring to be in the presence of people who are seeking to understand themselves, It was once said by Hazrat Abu Ali Saqfi “Knowledge makes you free from the chains of ignorance, and revives your heart, knowledge takes you out from the darkness of suspicions and superstitions and gives a new light to your eyes.”, I have found my interest in Religious Studies to be absorbing because of their ability to provoke a reflection upon my own beliefs and my imagination’s speculations about how the universe is holding itself together,  Furthermore knowing more about God’s countless flawless creations; the earth, the human being and all living creatures and how Qur’an, The Bible, The Torah and modern science connects it all together. I also like watching lectures from El Sheikh El Sharawwy regarding Religion, science, Nature, Culture and Politics.Religion is a mandatory part of who a person is, it should be known to children that there is a God in this world that we can’t see but can feel and that he is there for us all the time, I’ve been interested in how the U.S.

became a destination for people around the world with different reiligous faiths, I believe that discussing this would be an asset for the advancement of my academic path and offer a contribution to the program’s ambience, Most of what I know has originated from the books that my father had in his library because I enjoy being self-directed. I wish to read religious literature and analyze the context it has been written in because I am interested to see if the context reflects in the literature itself. I think this is important because I believe that without understanding the historical context we can not fully appreciate the texts we are reading. There is a topic that I want to discuss with the group which is how do feel that God exists and how he sends signals to us whenever we feel weak to make us get up  again.

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