I Data Analysis and number crunching skills which

always light up when someone in my school or family discusses about any great
entrepreneur or enterprise. My father is a sole trader and I am always eager to
go to his cloth manufacturing factory and try to understand the working of a real
business from inside. It always manages to evoke my curiosity about how things
work and how. But what engrosses my attention the most about this subject is
the innovation behind every strategy and every decision and it fascinates me that
how there are endless approaches and actions towards the same problem. There
are very few other fields of study which can offer as much creativity and
freedom to approach problems like this one.

 I want to pursue higher education in Business
and Management because I want to explore and

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Business at A level enhanced my enthusiasm towards learning more about the
working of various businesses. Marketing in particular has always captured my
interest and I have always been interested in exploring more about the newest of
marketing plans and strategies that global businesses are adopting. Currently I
am reading


Economics and Accounting at A Level has also helped me enormously in getting a broader
and deeper understanding of business.

at A Level helped me greatly in increasing my understanding about the
environment a business is operated in and taught me the importance of various
other external factors that play a huge role in determining the success of any
enterprise whether be it social, economic or political. It largely helped me to
develop my critical thinking and essay writing skills which I think are vital
in any field or profession. Whereas Accounting increased my Data Analysis and
number crunching skills which allows me to tackle every problem logically.

am the captain of my school’s football team for the past four years and have
won many accolades in various tournaments. This has in turn made me a good
leader and has largely contributed in making me more self-disciplined. Through
participation in many Debates and school assemblies I feel I have the
confidence and skills to give an excellent presentation.

participated in many MUNs, I was lucky enough to be a member of the organizing committee
of one of the MUNs which I also chaired. I was a part of the

various articles about the Nudge Marketing Theory and Consumer Behavior has
made me realize that how we are surrounded with dynamic businesses and how our 


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