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I would like to attend Cooper Union because of its academic rigor, curricula, and the camaraderie of the students. With only around 900 students, there is a sense of family within the student body. I am interested in biomedical engineering, so going to Cooper would give me the options I need to to major in mechanical engineering with a focus on biomedical engineering. Last summer, I performed research at the Columbia University Medical Center Department of Anesthesia under Dr. George Gallos. I discovered the vast complexity and interconnectedness of biological systems and the processes by which to manipulate them.

I love the fact that by changing a few genes through transfection, one can make an organism have new traits. I want to major in biology to learn more about cells and organisms with the hope that one day my knowledge can contribute to finding cures for diseases. At the Maurice Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering, faculty and students work with area hospitals to conduct groundbreaking biomedical research in fields such as orthopedic biomechanics, medical imaging, tissue engineering, injury rehabilitation, and more. Furthermore, I would be able to participate in bioengineering projects that the lab provides workspace for, such as the international genetically engineered competition (iGEM).

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I have learned coding and other engineering skills such as hardware prototyping using the Arduino microcontroller to control a wide array of devices such as motors, solenoids, infrared detectors and receivers, sonar sensors, and other electronic devices. In my senior year of high school, I served as the captain of my school’s robotics team and won the Second Place Alliance Captain Award at the FIRST Tech Challenge Dalton Qualifier. I also took college courses during high school including Yeshiva University’s Introduction to Computer Science, Discrete Structures, Principles of Marketing, and Introduction to Psychology. At Cooper, I plan to take Engineering Design and Problem Solving (EID 101), in which students design projects in small interdisciplinary groups to solve real world problems, such as designing refugee shelters in Somalia and Kenya, solutions to childhood obesity, and modular architectural components.

Each is supported by an industry sponsor who provides consultation and support to students and faculty. I am also interested in the Engineering Professional Development Program, which would encourage me to think about my studies as they relate to civic and ethical questions while also learning important non-technical skills.  I love computer science because programming is a way to make something out of nothing – to create a program that will do exactly as you say, and only bound by your creativity.


I'm William!

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