I Bogotá, Colombia, and I am also the

I Olga Lucia Ramos Sandoval, work as a full-time Professor of the Mechatronics Engineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering of the Nueva Granada Military University in Bogotá, Colombia, and I am also the co-leader of the Virtual Applications Research Group (GAV).

I am writing to you regarding the engineer Jorge Eliecer Buitrago Salazar, who has been working with me since 2015 as a Research Assistant in my research group. I began to work with Jorge in 2015 in one of the GAV research projects which I was co-directing at that time. Since then, along with the Engineer Buitrago, we have developed some research projects in the field of we have developed some research projects in the field of agroindustry such as simulation of new compounds for pesticide control, in industrial processes, as the equipment design for a virtual environment of crude oil refinery plant. During the years of work in the research group. The Engineer Buitrago has proven to be notable for his responsible and serious approach to provide solutions and completing the tasks that the projects demanded; he did this considering the different points of view of this work colleagues. This made him stand out as a person with a great capacity for leadership, committed to his work, and to a major initiative to make progress from day to day in his knowledge. In my opinion, the work with him developed under my supervision has been of a high academic and research level, which that allowed to publish some papers in major international journals, proof of this is the intellectual production referenced in his curriculum vitae.

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 I also believe that the engineer Buitrago, at a personal level, is disciplined, careful in his research practices, and very pleasant to deal with. Currently, he continues to be part of my research group and the results we have obtained have been of great help in the main objective of our second project that finishes in the last year. For this reason, I am sure that he will continue applying his attitudes of persistence, initiative and collaboration in any work or educational project that is part of. For all the following reasons, I consider that the Engineer Buitrago is an exceptional candidate to be awarded with one of the scholarships of the program Invest Your Talent in Italy. His work as a research assistant is high-level, and I believe that if he continues his academic career and research he may be able to make a significant and constructive contribution to scientific development in his area. For this reason, I strongly recommend him to be part of the program. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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