Hurricane casualties of Hurricane Katrina were outrageous.

Hurricane KatrinaImagine a hurricane whirling towards you one moment then your home is destroyed, The next how would you feel if everything you love was destroyed. How it FormedHurricane Katrina formed and started as a tropical storm. But going on it got worse the level would rise & drop. The aftermath of this storm was devastating. FEMA called it the single most catastrophic disaster in U.S history. The casualties of Hurricane Katrina were outrageous. The storm killed 1,833 people.

There are still bodies unidentified till this day. Aftermath The casualties of Hurricane Katrina were outrageous. The storm killed 1,833 people. There are still people missing till this day.

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When Hurricane Katrina hit in the morning august 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States. When the storm made landfall, it had a Category 3 rating on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale–it brought sustained winds of 100–140 miles per hour–and stretched 400 miles across. /After Hurricane Katrina trying to rebuild new orleans has been a hassle. Recovering people was made very difficult because of all the flooding and it wasn’t very easy to get around. As they were getting rid of the water the amount of damage became a problem for the residents. Every Katrina survivors story was different.

And it made problems  for people and their family’s. Hurricane Katrina was the Biggest and the 3rd strongest hurricane ever to be in the US. In New Orleans, the levees were designed to stand up against a Category 3, but Katrina came as a Category 5 hurricane, with wind speeds up to 175 mph. Hurricane Katrina caused $81 billion dollars in property damages, but they guessed that most of impact was in Louisiana and Mississippi and the prices may be over $150 billion, earning the title of the most costly hurricane ever in US history. Now that you’ve heard this story I challenge you to go help the people in need.


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