Humanity and more controlled. This is considered to


Humanity and planet
Earth are  facing a lot of problems day
by day . One of them is the increasing  number of  the population due to the large number of
births  . If the population keeps increasing
, our planet  will have no more places
for humans to live ,or it will be hard to find a place to live . How can we
solve this problem ? The answer to this question is  urban planning.  What is urban planning and how did it develop
in years?

Urban planning is a process which plans the use of
land, environment, public welfare including air water  and other sources. The purpose of urban
planning is to save space for other generations as the population  is increasing more and more day by day but
not only space. With urban planning  life
is more controlled and also the environment looks more clean and more
controlled. This is considered to be an interdisciplinary field that includes
sciences such as engineering, design 

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Urban planning may
seem new and if we think this way we are wrong because urban planning has its
beginning since the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization in the third
millennium B.C. Also other ancient civilizations like Greeks or Romans used
urban planning. For example Greeks used orthogonal plans for their cities.
Romans used this kind of planning for military defense. But this was only the
beginning of the urban planning. In Europe from 9th to 14th
century this method started to be used more and more for multi purposes but
anyways  that wasn’t  a genuine 
way of urban planning. In 20th century  urban planning began to be more present in
buildings as the new cities began to built. . There were a lot of  planners  who started to think that the innovation of
ideas in urban planning forced peoples to bigger crime rates and social
problems. Nowadays urban planners are more focused on individualism and
heterogeneity in city centers.

There are a lot of examples of cities
that follow urban planning. One of them is Amsterdam which is the capital and
the largest city in Netherlands. This is one of the cities with the highest
cycling rates in the world. Urban planning has helped Amsterdam to be more
clear and more organized and this attracts more tourists.  Another example is also Chicago Boulevard System. This
boulevard constantly expanded over the years so in 2005 the Chicago city
Council designated the “Logan Square Boulevards District” as an official city
landmark district, preserving this design for future generations.

conclusion urban planning is one of the best solution for us to live in a more systematic
and organized manner. With an increasing population we should start to apply in
our cities more and more this method . I am pretty sure that in the future even
if we apply this method our planet will be overpopulated so we should start to
look for another planet to live.  This is
the best way to think  of other
generations but also for a better life for us.


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