Huawei is to emphasize the motivation method used

is technology vendor. It has many branches and centers around the world. Beside
it is one of the biggest technology vendor it come up with new and advance
technology , also it has scientific management that concentrate with employees
motivation. Huawei has unique rewards system. “Motivation is the set of forces
that initiate, directs, and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish
a goal” (Williams, 2013). So, good motivation for employee leads to high
quality and professional work. According to its branches around the world it
introduces different methods of motivation and reward that will help the
employee in different aspect.

corporate culture and human resource management increase the competition
between the team. The most important resource for Huawei is talented
individuals. Huawei use multi practice to manage human resources and enhance

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aim of this report is to emphasize the motivation method used by Huawei
Company. As well express Human Resource Management (HRM) functions of Huawei.
In addition highlight the difference between Personal Management (PM) and
Modern Human Resource Management practice (HRM).

Huawei, employee motivation, human resource management, personal management.




is an information and communication technology (ICT) company in the wide world.
It is Chinese telecom company, that owned by its employees. Huawei was built by
Ran Zhengfei in 1987; nowadays Huawei employees about 170,000 staff more than
40,000 are non-Chinese. Zhengfi designed the Employee Stock Ownership Plan
(ESOP). The ESOP structured considers two important statements. The fist
statement is output values of equality and harmony which aim to prevent riches
gap between the employees to become big. Huawei founder believes that given the
employees ownership of the company will enhance the employees work and thinking
for new project that could return more profit to them. Also the employees will
be more motivated.

second statement is justice concept which mean the harder you work the more you
can earn from the company. Highlight that the customers’ needs are the most achievement
accordingly working overtime to meet the highlight will be consider as reward
otherwise it is not reward. According to this will be more emphasize on the
employee who have strong skills as well eliminate the wealth gap between them.

Huawei Chairman only has 1% stock, 99% shared to employee. This is the concept
used by Huawei Company to motivate and reward the employees. The following sections
will talk about different way of motivation used by the company and implement
the theory for them.

resource practice and employee retention is considering one of the challenges
that organization face.

backbone of the organization is the human resource. The effective human
resource management practice, help the organization to holdover them value
employees. There are many activities related to human resource management like:
induction and selection, training & development, performance evaluation practices,
promotion practice and etc….

develop different activities to manage human resource.


Huawei Motivation Method


as World Company initiate and approach different type of motivation we will
explain this method and categorize them according to the motivation theory.

Motivation Theories


is a very useful and a significant concept that is of paramount significance to
the service industry cause it builds and enhance psychological contract both
intrapersonal and for the organization. Not only does it descends upon the
turnover intention veering the risk of a sudden quit from its employees but it
also engenders exceptional services quality deliverables.” (Ms. Jyoti Kukreja,

is factors that cause an employee to perform work tasks and goals with good
way. There are different theories that theoretically motivate the employee. The
theory can be classified to two types: the basis theory like Maslow theory,
Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory, Adams’ equity theory
and Skinner’s reinforcement theory. The second type of theory is the modern
theories ex: instinct theory, the incentive theory, the drive theory, arousal
theory and the humanistic theories. Blow will explain these theories accordingly
some of them will be implemented on Huawei Company.



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