2. making such teams more effective, for

2. Building Teams:Business process re-engineering generally means switching from functional departments to process-oriented teams. HR plays a role in making such teams more effective, for example by hiring carefully selected “team players” and providing the required training. 3. Redesigning Compensation:Re-engineering also has significant compensation im­plications.

The job’s know-how and problem-solving requirements will raise signifi­cantly thereby necessating higher pay to employees. 4. Redesigning the Work Itself:With re-engineering, jobs generally change from specialised tasks to multitask, enriched, generalist work. Each worker becomes respon­sible for a broader, more enriched job.

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The employee must share joint responsibility with team members for performing the whole process, not just a small piece of it. Each worker needs to be capable of using a much broader range of skills from day to day. The BPR approach is considered to be more radical, fundamental and dramatic.

Though BPR and TQM serve the same purpose, the distinction gained ground because many organisations had accumulated so much rust and were so confused in their orientation that a radical shift was perceived to be essential prior to any gradual change. It is evident, the objective and focus of BPR and TQM are the same i.e., providing the customer the appropriate service. 5. Moving from Controlled to Empowered Jobs:Selecting and training employees for re-engineered jobs is a special challenge. “Re-engineered” employees are empowered to perform a broad set of tasks with relatively little supervision.

This means that in select­ing employees, values play a bigger role. 6. Flexible Work Arrangements:Organisational renewal doesn’t always require a mas­sive transformation. At many companies, a change as simple as flexible hours can sometimes provide a good start.


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