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How can Argon create a fairer world?Suddenly it’s 2020. We gaze over a border station across the DMZ. This is a land that was thought to be beyond law or justice.

Now (due to tokenization and the Argaon blockchain) things are looking up. A new hotel gleams in the distance of a new city where North and South are collaborating. The entire map of the city (and who did what) is stored securely in the blockchain, crypto is the currency of the region, and people trying to get rich off of exploitation are quickly found out. The goal is to relocate workers from a labor camp here to rebuild their lives. It once seemed impossible, now the only question is how quickly the goal can be accomplished. The workers vote on what the most important tasks to accomplish will be. They set their own timelines, and several of them from “up north” even set their own wages (lower than the expected pay) to get a foot in the door.In Nepal Argon is powering different watchtowers with the goal of preventing young girls (and a few boys as well) from being sold to brothels by unsuspecting parents.

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Every child has a smart wallet where they can earn their own way in the bigger cities, so the traffickers are looking in more and more remote villages. However with technology moving faster than they are monitoring stations may soon be a thing of the past. The organization credits not just awareness, but their ability to raise funds directly within the Aragon interface.In Thailand, elections are happening again. This time it is occurring on the blockchain to prevent any type of interference or tampering.

There were concerns that the elderly would have trouble adapting to the new technology, but those fears were quite unfounded. The interface is designed to be “so easy a great grandmother can do it” and they can go to polling locations still if they find that they need help. The UN is monitoring the polling stations quite closely and each wallet is limited to one vote to prevent duplication or undue influence. The Diaspora are enjoying voting in real time.In China the Aragon blockchain is helping young women show that they are just as valuable as men. They are quickly programming new products.

“Higoli” is a new game created by one talented young artist. I tried to understand it but the young girls in Beijing thought it was too difficult to explain to an “out of touch” Westerner. The game has over a million players and a portion of the proceeds are going to fund an orphanage in the Western part of the country.In Iran and Iraq the Kurds are using the Aragon chain to work to develop more independence within their current governments.

Turkey quashing the idea of an independent Kurdistan (for now) quite firmly didn’t dash their ideals. The constitution for the new region and its freedoms aren’t just written in blood, but are also encoded in the blockchain to be protected for future generations. They joke that it is much cheaper than the way older nations preserved their constitution.


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