Dear your kind cheque for ____________ (Amount). 3.

Dear friend, rest assured, I shall leave no stone unturned to repay this amount at the earliest opportunity. Once again let me thank you profusely for your timely help and favour. With Best Wishes, Your Sincerely,(Your Name)

Sample SentencesA.

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Start by expressing thanks for the financial help:

1. Thanks for your money order received today. 2.

I have no words to express my gratitude for your kind cheque for ____________ (Amount). 3. How great of you to respond so promptly to my request for money. Your Bank Draft for ____________ (Amount) was received by me yesterday. 4.

With your kind timely financial help you have saved me from ruin. I am really very obliged. 5. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I am very proud of you.

How generous and prompt of you to have sent me the badly needed money! 6. I was dead sure that you would never turn down my request for financial assistance. I have no words to express my gratefulness. 7. Today’s mail brought your Bank Draft for ____________ (Amount).

A cart load of thanks for your generous and timely help. 8. How should I express my gratitude for your prompt financial help when I needed it most. 9. We are really grateful for prompt dispatch of the Demand Draft for ____________ (Amount) It will help me a lot of get my sister married in time. 10.

Many many thanks for your ____________ (Amount). I received the amount when I needed it the most.


Discuss in brief how the amount has benefited you:

1. But for your financial help I would not have tided over my financial problems. 2. With this loan I would be in a position to continue my son’s education and treatment of my ailing father. 3. Without this help of yours the completion of my project would not have been possible. 4.

The money sent by you will help me in buying the machines urgently needed for the factory. 5. The amount received by me will enable me to pay off some pressing debts. 6. Had you not been generous in helping me with money to pay my University Examination fees I should have wasted a valuable year. 7. It is very difficult to find a friend like you.

Your loans has saved me from an otherwise shameful situation I would have been. 8. Your loan has come as a timely succour to me and my family. It symbolizes an act of great humanity and friendship on your part.

C. Do mention how you plan to pay back:

1. I am very likely to return the money in a month, I owe you.

2. I am sure I shall be able to repay the loan before the end of this year. 3. May Almighty help me to repay you both in cash and kind at the earliest opportunity. 4.

Rest assured. I shall leave no stone unturned to repay this loan at the earliest. 5. I have made it a point to repay you within this very month. 6. It will certainly be very nice of you if you allow me five, six months in the repayment of your loan. 7.

I promise to return your money in full and with usual interest in seven monthly installments. 8. I am dead sure to repaying the full amount by the end of next month. 9. I hope to start the repayment of this money as soon as my financial condition improves a little.

10. You will receive your money back as soon as I get the promised job. 11. I shall be in a position to repay your entire money latest by the March end.

D. Close cordially with again expressing your obligation:

1. Thanks a million once again for your loan and concern. 2.

I am very sincerely grateful once again for this financial favour. 3. In the end I want to thank you once more for your loan.

4. Believe me, I am really grateful and thank you once again. 5. We really feel indebted to you and thank once again from the bottom of our hearts. 6. Thanks without end once again.

7. Let me thank you again for your timely help. 8. I shall repay the money, but shall I ever be able to repay your kindness and concern. 9. I don’t exaggerate when I say I am fortunate to have such a nice friend like you.

10. Once again an oceanful of thanks for your sympathy and succor.


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