The improve power factor. (iv) Roof level reduction

The hike in coal and other fuel prices has led to this cost going up to 8 to 10%. Obviously our efforts should be affected towards a more economical use of our fuels. The more instant energy conservation measures specifically suggested for some industries are as follows: (i) Use of premium efficiency electric motors and correct motor and load sizing (ii) Regular inspection of transformers for distribution lines, prevention of leakages, pre­vention in abnormal rise of temperature and working transformers over 85% of the rated load. (iii) Use of static condensers to improve power factor.

(iv) Roof level reduction to reduce lighting load. (v) Optimum speed of spindle to produce most economic yarn. (vi) Proper motor maintenance to prevent loose cotton and dust accumulation and burn out of motors. (vii) In the heat energy side, proper boiler operation and maintenance, good insulation of steam lines, feed water recycling and waste heat recovery can be economically carried out. (viii) Solar energy in textile industry can be used for (a) Steam generation (b) Preheating of motor (c) Air cooling and humidification (d) Cooking and dish washing in the canteen (e) Drying of cloth.

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