These employment was developed. After that sons of

These states also have a lower level of social expenditure on education public health and sanitation. In many cases, the inequality had become a source of tension and given birth to sub-regional movement for separate state within the Indian union i.e.

Vidarbha. In Maharashtra or Telengana in Andhra Pradesh conse­quently some economic development was done and opportunity of employment was developed. After that sons of soil movement started state belonged to main linguistic group was considered as a son of soil. Other than that was outside. Demands are then raised to give preference to the son of soil in giving employ­ment and economic opportunity. Political and administrative failure also bolsters backwardness. Sheer bad administration and deteriorating law and order creates a bad atmosphere for development.

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Thus regionalism has affected the issue of economic development. On all India level economic growth in the 1960-95 and 1970’s was about 3.5% and about 5% in 1980’s.


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