Hi experiencing severe anxiety over several family issues.

Hi Mandy,


My name is Tianna Davis and I am a 2nd year biotechnology
student here at Fleming Student. I am writing to appeal the grade I received in
my Forensic DNA Appl III Course for Fall Semester. I believe there were
situations that were beyond my control that contributed to my low grade, and
had circumstances been more typical of a normal Forensic DNA Appl III Course I
would have scored a much higher grade than the F that was posted.

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I have been experiencing severe anxiety over
several family issues. I have been dealing with a death in the family, my
grandmother is not well and i have to assist in her care as well as my parents
separating and moving into two different homes this past weekend.


I’m currently planning the steps I am going to
take, as well as the ones I have already taken to assure my success in the
following academic year: If reinstated, I will meet with my instructors to talk
with them about what they believe will make me a better student in the class, go
to schedule office hours of my instructor when I am having difficulty with the
course material, talk with my counsellor who is assisting me with my anxiety,
which she advised me on better studying habits and ways to keep calm, and lastly,
keep scheduling appointments with a tutor on material I find difficult.


I believe that
if I had been able to resit for the exam, I would have made an A or B+
grade based on my other coursework. I would be happy to take the exam at any
time if you would be willing to give it to me privately. 


intend to get my GPA back up to a minimum of 3.0 so I can apply for the
placement program and gain valuable real-world experience.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would look
at my record at Fleming College along with Mrs Amanda Rochon attendance in
class and reconsider my grade in this Forensic Appl III Course. I would very much like to meet with you at any time that is
convenient for you to discuss the possibility of my grade
being raised. I hope you can give
me a chance to repent for my mistakes in my final examination. I can be reached at [email protected]
or at 416.671.6018 Thank you for considering my request.


I'm William!

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