Heraclitus the riverbed, rocks, branches, fish, and the


is the best known for his views about the constant changing of the world. He is
quoted as saying, “You can’t step into same the river twice.” this quote
illustrates perfectly how things we perceive as unchanged are actually in
constant flux.

believed that everything is constantly changing and that constant change was a
necessary function of the universe. 
Stepping into the same river twice is not possible because the river is
a perfect example of something that is forever changing. Although we may look
at this river and see that it seems, generally speaking, the same as it did the
last time we stepped in it, it is, in fact, different. Setting aside any
potential movement of the riverbed, rocks, branches, fish, and the like, the
water itself is always going to be different between any one moment and any
other moment.  It may be from the same
water source and appear to be the same water in all aspects but in reality is
not the exact same water we last touched. Because the water is always running,
the river is never the same, even if we see it as being the same.

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day, people change because we have new experiences which shape us. So, we
cannot step into the same river twice. People also encounter new people who
influence us and change our lives. We read books, and we travel to new places
which these change us. If everything is in a state of flux, how can we use that
to our advantage? The ability to change is more important today because we are
living in a dynamic environment, where things are changing at the speed of
light. To succeed, you must embrace change.

can look at human beings and societies. Our society has also been changing all
the things that happen in our world. Our life is like the river that seems to
stay, but it is constantly evolving. We can say similar things like this for
many others like communities, planets, individual, countries, universes. Even
if the change is happening so slow that we cannot notice it with our eyes it
still exists, always.

experience is unique, and we learn so much from them. They add a unique touch
to our personality. We are constantly changing, and moving forward. Even though
the river is metaphorical, as we get to move forward, the rivers we crossed
stay in the past.


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