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Hellomates,It’s aptlysaid that a degree might help ‘open the door,’ but your talent tolearn will decide on your survival! There are always two sides ofa coin and apparently the side you see becomes your perspective. Attaining acollege degree will empower you with technical competence but what beyond it?Does it make you job fit?I personally believe we all are blessed with a certainkind of talent which makes our persona unique.

A person maybe a powerhouse oftalent but denied a dream job because he never attended college.Sounds fair? Westill exist in this world where this mind-set prevails that an individual cannotexcel in a desired domain, without actually having a college education. Unfortunately,it’s true! May I remind you that world’s great achievers like Sachin Tendulkarand SteveJobs don’t hold a college degree. Yet, who doesn’t know Sachin’s centuriesand Steve’s iPhone. Did their skills require a formal certification? We all areenduring in an ecosystem where we are constantly hark backed that we need to havea college degree, or we cannot achieve the zenith of’success’. This implies oneshall have to live a mediocre life and take up unskilled jobs. Why is the scopeof the word ‘Education’ limited to a campus and a degree? Have your ever setout to explore the world and find out how there are infinite opportunities todo even without going to college? We need to barge out of our bubble zone andsee how there are several great-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree.

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After all,whodoesn’t want to make his avocation his vocation?Let’s discuss some real lifeexamples of high paying jobs which do not need a college degree! What about aphotographer? If you are exceptionally good at capturing memories and know howto do the talking through pictures,you can be a professional photographer!! Ofcourse, you need to be acquainted with the technical aspects of a camera butmaybe you don’t need a degree for the same. How about making people look attractive?You have that knack to accentuate features of people and transform them? So youcan be a top makeup artist! Maybe a short-term finishing course will do justiceto you. Mind it, without attending college.Personally,I do not believe that a mere college degree can define your entire career path.Your potential and love for profession acts as a catalyst in your overall triumph.You can take inspiration from these exemplary examples such as SteveJobs, Henry Ford, Richard Branson,John D. Rockefeller, to name a few. They did not run behind a college degree.

They chased their dreams and hence excellence ran behind them. I am not againsta college degree but I firmly believe not having one doesn’t mean end of growthand fortunes for a person. Just because you lack a college degree, doesn’t meanyou should be abstained from opportunities which you deserve to every bit. You mayhave the ability to run a brilliantly booming business, as long as you have thedrive.

Again, degree can be a feather to your cap but not sacrosanct in runninga business Let’s talk about struggles! Collegedegree doesn’t guarantee a struggle free professional life. Does it? It mightput you one notch higher or maybe a preferential treatment is meted out to youat your workplace, but not a struggle free life. A college degree may create aplatform in the professional setup for you. You might be given prestigiousdesignation but eventually you sustain when you have substance in you. It wouldnot be wrong to say that while you are trying to touch pinnacles in yourdesired fields, you might be dragged down by people who are existing with thiskind of stereotype outlook.Despite all this, I would indorsethat the students, who are attaining college education, can receive severalcompensationsfrom it.

A person learns about how to organize their time, their discipline andtheir money. One can interact with different people. These skills will be veryuseful in the upcoming years, in his/her workplace and personal life.Networking is another benefit of college education.

Your colleagues couldbecome your business partners or key contracts in the future. Also, studentscan participate in student organizations, such as the student groups, studentnewspaper or magazine or a cultural club. So by availing this mass opportunity helps students to grow personally,professionally and mentally.

As I statedbefore, I donot stand against a college degree. I stand against the mind-setwhich demotivates people who have not been able to acquire a degree. The personmay not have attended college because he wasn’t that financially sound or mighthave been doing a part-time job for surviving. We have actor & actresses inBollywood who are successful because of their matchless acting skills, notbecause they attended a high-end acting school/college. Our society needs tolearn to develop a balanced viewpoint and not be judgemental about non-collegegoers.

Different fields/offices should have a very fair system of analysing thepotential of a candidate for job and not just by seeing a college tag! Thisshall allow only those people to be at the forefront who are par excellence inall aspects.


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