Hello, case, I will use all my passion

    Hello, Good morning. Family, Friends and

am a student from G11-2 and

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I’m a little nervous standing here. I hope this speech will improve the level
of my English speech. But in any case, I will use all my passion and effort to
deduce this period of nirvana.

    I know, the road of success, not
is going smoothly. although full of thorns, but I will: brave, courage, hold my
dreams, sincerely look forward to. I want to be able to give me a chance, at
higher, more sacred temple of knowledge in education, butterfly, butterfly
dance, close to the broadcasting the brilliance and glory.

    Last week, i saw a poem about how to cherish time. Chentingzhuo
said that “When it comes to
applying book learning one wishes one had read more. ” In
fact, nothing can buy an inch of time, lost is lost. How can I not come back.
Many people waste their time and don’t know how to cherish it. Sometimes one
second, one minute is the most precious. You can ask the athletes who have just
lost their gold medal. How much a second is worth?You
can ask people who have just been home for the new year and have been delayed
the plane. How much a minute is worth. They will tell them to be priceless.

    Time is
precious, time is priceless, time can not be redeemed.
It’s gone, and it will eventually become a memory. Time will in your sleep,
jumping from your feet. Swim through the water when you wash your face. When
you read the book, you can learn more knowledge?but knowledge
is endless, and only we continue to explore the mysteries of it. I
remember one time, I wanted to memorize words at home. But I had been studying
for a week, and I always thought that I had a very slow time. But when I got
home, I forgot about it and just played. Finally my mother reminded me.

    The poem says :”What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up.”

    A student’s dream was
postponed, his future was a bright future and went to hell. It took a couple of
years for a dream to be completed in a year, and it took a long time, all of
which were wasted. Therefore, this sentence encourages us to continue to study,
to achieve the purpose of our study as soon as possible and to fight for the
dream.The school also helped us a lot. So many excellent teachers have been
invited to educate us, the material of the school is sound, the food is

I hope that our graduates will be able to work hard at
their ideal universities and make more friends. When you are in trouble, stick
to it and you can’t give up.

  Then I would like to thank
my teachers who taught us how to improve our achievements and help us when we
need them Do not ask for return, just want every student to be able to go to
college, have a good school work.

  Thank you very much.


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