Heidorian electrostatic spraying. They investigated the corrosion performance

M et al. 2010 35 characterized of structure and anticorrosive behavior of polyurethane/organoclay nanocomposite coatings
which was prepared by dispersing of OMMT clay (organoclay) in nanoscale
in polyurethane matrix via ultrasonication
assisted process. Corrosion protection of PU/OMMT nanocomposite coatings was improved with increased the organoclay loading
up to from 1%wt to 3%wt.

Pizza D et al. (2012) 36 influence of montmorillonite clay nanoparticles on
polyester-based powder coatings which were applied on AISI 1008 carbon steel electrodes by electrostatic spraying. They investigated
the corrosion performance with 2wt% and
4wt% of montmorillonite (MMT) using salt test and characterized this
samples via many techniques (e.g. XRD, DSC,
TEM, TGA). From transmission electron- microscopy they got on an
exfoliated structure with the presence of MMT
clay in coatings and better anticorrosive performance than without a
presence MMT clay.

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Piromruen P et al. (2014) 37 obtained polyaniline/montmorillonite nanocomposite
(PANI/Mt) by a used amount of clay about 1% to 7% (w/w). they synthesized this
type of nanocomposites via in situ chemical oxidative polymerization. From Fourier transform infrared FTIR and scanning
electron microscopy (SEM) refers to a combination
of clay with PANI matrix, however from X-ray diffraction they observed
exfoliated structure but the corrosion protection was investigated by cyclic
voltammetry when applied PANI/Mt nanocomposite coatings on steel bodies against
1.0 M H2SO4 They reached many results as follows:

the anticorrosive
properties were improved by adding Mt clay to PANI enhanced comparison pure PA.

 thermal properties enhanced with increasing Mt

 when applied film with thickness 50 µm on
steel the best corrosion resistance to salt spray it was by obtained 5% (w/w)
Mt clay. 


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