Having the marine environment. My role in research,

Having majored in spatial
planning in my undergraduate, I would like to continue with my studies
concentrating on urban planning and design. In my final year I did research for
my thesis in an urban slum in Kenya and this deepened my interest in urban planning
studies. Some of the problems I identified during my research have affected the
way of life of the urban slum community. Proper planning to bring balance in
development and environmental sanitation can improve the livelihoods in urban
slums through access to clean water and waste management; this has convinced me
to pursue my masters to contribute in better lives for the slum community.

 At the university, I also participated in
studio activities where I interacted with communities and their ways of life in
rural, urban and regional setups. This motivated me to make a contribution to
development in Kenya. According to World Bank report (2016) over 40% of Kenyans
are living below the poverty level. These figures have also factored in my
interest in promoting sustainable housing, proper use of natural resources,
rehabilitation of urban areas, and equity in distribution of resources to all
to improve living standards.

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I have contributed in cleaning up
neighborhoods during World Environment Day events; and advocated against marine
pollution in the Clean Seas and beat pollution campaigns in the Kenyan coastal
regions to encourage communities to reduce waste disposal in the marine
environment. My role in research, data collection and analysis on situation
analysis for preparation of spatial plans for various counties in Kenya has
also highly contributed to my interest to pursue urban planning to balance
development and environment.

Through my studies from high
school to undergraduate, I have studied in different regions in Kenya with
diverse cultures, weather and environments. Kenyan government distributes
students who have qualified to take university studies in various higher learning
institutions all over the country. I was placed in an institution at the lake
region, far from home. I faced various challenges like language barrier when
interacting with the community, the food was different, the weather was
extremely hot and there was scarcity of water. Through my studies I was able to
adapt to the new way of life, embrace diversity of culture and learned how to
use water sustainably as it was a rare resource. This experience has hardened
me to be able to face any challenge in life and utilize resources well.

In future, I see myself working as an urban
planner in Kenya with special skills in design, sustainable development and
environment; working with governments, institutions and other stakeholders in
urban planning. I would like to work with different communities especially
those living in Kenyan slums to improve housing, ensure equal distribution of
public amenities and improve livelihoods in the long run. This masters degree
will be a stepping stone towards my profession to change the situation in my
country. It is my hope that will be awarded this scholarship towards achieving
the vision I have for Kenya.


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