Have numbers.She also made a computer to

  Have you ever wondered how NASA landed John Glenn on the moon? Well they did it with the help of an amazing woman named Katherine Johnson. Katherine was born August 26, 1918 in white sulphur springs West Virginia.She is currently living at the age of 99.

Her field of study was a mathematics.She worked at NASA and made flight paths of missions. At NASA she was known as “The Human Computer” she goth this name because her brain was like a computer. She was so quick to calculate math equations and numbers.She also made a computer to where is has color and not just black and white.

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Her work benefited society because majority of our generation relies on technology and after she fixed the computer it allowed future generations to improve.          “An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by another force”, says Isaac Newton’s first law of motion. Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643 in Woolsthorpe,Lincolnshire,England and unfortunately died March 3, 1727. He was an english mathematician, astronomer, and physicist.

He did his work at a place called The Cambridge. He built the first practical reflecting telescope in 1968. It is believed that woolsthorpe in the summer of 1666 that his thought’s started focusing on the subject of gravity. He created the Laws Of Motion on July 5,1687. His work benefited society because he discovered a force that we know as gravity. This helped us because we know why things fall to the floor when we let go of them.     Who discovered blood circulation? Well the answer is simple William Harvey did.

William Harvey was born April 1, 1578 in Folkestone,kent,England and died June 3, 1657. He was an english physician who made an important contributions in anatomy and physiology. He also was an American Military Officer,a principal contributor in the war of 1812,and he was the nineteenth president of the united states. He was the first known physician to describe in detail how the heart pumps blood to the brain and the body.This contribution benefited society by knowing how our blood works and how we get blood from one place to another.


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