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Haveyou ever felt educator burnout?  If so, Iwould suggest revisiting why you became an educator.  If you chose the field of education for thesummer breaks you may want to reconsider your career choice.  I personally chose the field of educationbecause I hold some very strong opinions of what opportunities should be made availableto students.

  My personal core beliefsare that all students deserve a high quality free education, a school’s staffmust be a happy effective staff, and teaching should not revolve aroundtesting.            My first core belief is that allstudents deserve a high-quality free education. A free quality education for all students regardless of race, economicstatus, and/or abilities or lack thereof is essential to the democracy of ourcountry (Moroder, 2013).

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  We, as acountry, cannot count on parents to be able to give their children a qualityeducation at home.  In order for ourcountry to be successful for future generations the children must be provided afree, well-crafted education.            Next, I believe in order for thestudents to receive this high-quality education you must have an effective,happy faculty.

  An effective teacher is ateacher that has high expectations of their students and their selves, is greatat classroom management, and plans engaging lessons and formatively assesseseach lesson to check for mastery (About Best Practices in Defining Characteristicsof Effective Teachers, n.d).  Eveneffective teachers experience burnout. According to Kristin Moroder, “Teacher satisfaction is at a 25-year low,”(2013).

  To help maintain low burnout andto make your faculty as happy as possible, principals must show their teachershow much they appreciate their hard work and that they value their opinions (Whitaker, 2012).  Principals should continuously think of waysto show appreciation through any means possible and to ask for input on alltopics that are essential to the school.            Lastly, I truly and passionatelybelieve that teaching should not revolve around testing.  I personally believe the No Child Left BehindAct was created with well-meaning intentions but  unfortunately, it created schools that wereforced to impose an awful testing routine that focused entirely on testprep.

  Subjects such as art, music,physical education and others were put on the back burner if funded at all (Walker,2014).  Instead of teaching the child andnurturing the individual child’s strengths we are only preparing them to takeone test.  This is not real life.  I want to prepare my students for theirfutures, not for a standardized test.            Education is so important to thesuccess of our country.

We cannot blame current and future generations for allof our problems if we did not effectively instruct them.  My personal core beliefs are that allstudents deserve a high quality free education, a school’s staff must be ahappy effective staff, and teaching should not revolve around testing.  If we do not accomplish these three things weare only hurting ourselves and our families.  


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