Growing has changed but quantity demanded has

Growingpopulation and increasing capitalization have created some of the unpredictablechanges which could prove to be quite challenging in future especially forAgriculture and related sector. The disintegration of land, mismanagement ofagricultural practices and much disturbance in ecological linkage will giverise to various questions on the application of agriculture.Dueto Global warming and increased pollution level, it is always uncertain aboutthe upcoming climatic condition. Climate plays a vital role in the developmentof crop and indirectly or directly influence on the future yield, and yield, inturn, affects corresponding markets.

Concerning the illustration of past aboutthe cold snap in Florida, which resulted in increased prices of orange juiceswhich altered market behaviour for orange juice at great extent. Temperaturefluctuations and CO2 concentration in the atmosphere could possiblyresult in a higher yield in higher altitudes but for the region of Europe andCanada which are particularly at lower altitudinal regions productivity couldbe quite suspicious. (Parry et. al 2007).Changein demand for food and dietary patterns is too uncertain like climaticconditions. Canada holds some of the multicultural societies, with differentcultural background and different food eating habits, says Prof Dr BernardLaarvarld, an animal scientist at U of S. He adds further that as Asianpopulation is increasing day by day in Canada due to immigration and isexpected to grow in coming days, there has been significant shift observed fromlocal Canadian to Asian cuisine. Not only cuisine has changed but quantitydemanded has also changed.

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Concluding that population will grow, one of thechallenges would be to feed this growing community with the demand of time andfood to feed according to the choice.Dropping Phosphorus levels in the soil is concerningmost of the farmers today and will be the future issues for many farms acrossthe globe. Carbon to phosphorus availability is 250:1, which is way too less thanCarbon to Nitrogen which stands at 25:1. Phosphorus plays vital role inphotosynthesis, respiration, energy storage and transfer, cell division, cellenlargement and several other processes and therefore maintenance of thiselement in soil is very important as there is no substitute for phosphorus innature. Applying phosphorus in the soil is real investment to farming businesssays Prof Dr Melissa Arcand, leading pedologist at U of S. She further adds thatit is difficult to obtain phosphorus as there are only few sites where it canbe obtained in abundance. Phosphorus management is crucial, and its managementis important to save the future of agriculture. Hence phosphorus managementwould remain major subject of dialogue.

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