Graphics Interchange Format. One of its properties is

Graphics Interchange Format. One of its properties is small
file size. This means that they are perfect for using on websites where
download speed is important. A computer, or a phone doesn’t need any software
to run a GIF file. GIFs don’t need web browsers to have a plug-in installed
to work. They support lossless compression, which means GIFs can be
compressed to keep the file size small without losing much of quality.
Another huge advantage is transparency, meaning GIFs can have a transparent

Flash Video Format. This is the most common used format for
sharing video on the internet. FLV format is used on YouTube and TV websites.
It has smaller file sizes because it can be compressed but can still be good

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Shockwave. Created by Adobe. These files are created when
exporting a Flash project. They are small file sizes so they are perfect for
web site animations. You can control the quality of the exported animation,
when exported. These files can use bitmap of vector images. They can also
contain video and sound. However, Apple devices don’t run SWF files.

Apple Quick Time. The file format is used in Apple’s
QuickTime software. It is compatible with Apple and Windows computers. On
Windows computer, the computer must have the QuickTime program installed. It
can run video and sound.

Windows Media Video. This format is also made by Microsoft
and is played by Windows Media Player. The program with every windows PC
already installed. It can make very small file sizes, and it is good for
streaming instead of downloading a video. But the small size creates a poorer

Audio Video Interlaced. This is an old format that was made
by Microsoft. Files can be huge in size, which makes sharing difficult.
Although the quality is good and you can use it as a test version before
changing the file into something smaller.


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