Granada many centuries. It consists of gardens, fortifications

Granada is a city in Spain that has 250-350, 000 people.

Granada is a studentcity with a large amount of people coming from outside to study. In January there are lots of blue skies and it is warm when the sun isshining but it gets cold at night. There are occasional frosts. The best time tovisit Granada is in the Spring and Autumn when the temperature is justperfect with warm sunny days. During July and August it can be very hot.

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Granada has a dry heat which is much more bearable than the humid heatwhich you will find in Barcelona. There is very little rainfall although everyfew years there are spells when it rains very heavily. Granada is located nextto the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia in the south of Spain. It is about70km from the coast. Granada is located just at the point where the SierraNevada mountains meet the fertile plain of the vega.

Behind it are steepmountains and in front there is flat agricultural land. The altitude is 630metres. Spain is generally very monocultural in comparison to most of theother developed countries. For centuries Spain was host to Arabic culture andthis has left many strong imprints both genetically and culturally. The”granadainos” don’t have a particularly good reputation and they are renownfor their “mala follar” which means “bad humour”. The granadinos are lessfriendly and lighthearted than the average Spaniard.Granada has the Alhambra which is considered by some to be one ofthe 10 wonders of the world. The Alhambra is a massive castle constructedover many centuries.

It consists of gardens, fortifications and sumptuouspalaces. It was the home of many of the Arabic Sultans who ruled the wholeprovince. It receives 8000 visitors per day and is Spain’s most visitedmonument. Even the biggest philistine would be impressed.Granada was ruled by many Caliphs, Arabic sultans and dynasties.The Arabic/Moslem empire once stretched right up into the north of Spain.The various Christian groups settled their differences, joined together andsteadily drove the Arabs out of Spain.

Granada was the last stronghold andfinally succumbed to Isabel and Ferdinand in 1492. The Moslems and theJews were forced to leave the country or convert to Christianity. At the sametime Christopher Columbus came to Granada to ask Isabel and Ferdinand fora grant to build ships so that he could conquer the Americas. They gave himthe money and then went Columbos.


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